Need for High-Quality Work Uniform Service Drives Demand to Roscoe

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In an industry that has seen increasing consolidation as large national chains absorb their smaller, independent competitors, Roscoe is not only holding its ground as Chicago’s last independent industrial supplier – we’re thriving.

This year, our sales growth has continued to outpace expectations.

How are we doing it? Without taking anything away from our incredible sales team, there’s no question that some of the big national uniform suppliers are doing some of our marketing for us. Many of our new customers are fleeing their previous providers as much as they are turning to us. Chronic problems with uniform shortages and lackluster customer service are an enormous disruption for business owners.

But at Roscoe, we’re not satisfied with just doing a better job for those customers who have been left frustrated by the big national providers. That, unfortunately, is a low bar in many cases.

We have a commitment to excellence that means we don’t settle for being better than the competition. Our service is built around continuous improvement. That’s a bar that is constantly being raised, no matter what our competitors are doing.

We love to see the results of client satisfaction surveys that suggest our clients couldn’t be happier. But we’re still going to look for ways to make them happier. We’ve been in business a long time – we will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2021 – and we know that there is always room for improvement.

Let Us Show You the Work Uniform Program You Deserve

So why has Roscoe been breaking sales records this year? After all, prospects who are unhappy with their current provider may be motivated to switch, but they can also require more than a little convincing. How do they know their experience will be any different at Roscoe?

“It’s not just ‘we’ll count your shirts more carefully.’ We back it up.” – Roscoe sales team member.

Our job begins with listening. “We’re there more as a consultant than we are as a salesperson,” says a Roscoe sales associate.  “We meet with someone and we just have a conversation… We listen to what prospects need, what their problems are.”

And then, as another Roscoe sales associate explains, we offer solutions. We don’t just promise we’ll do better. We can show you.

“It’s not just ‘we’ll count your shirts more carefully,’” he says. “We back it up. At Roscoe there is substance and concrete technology. We have the most accurate sorting system in the industry… We can scan and tell you in about 10 seconds what we’ve taken from your facility, down to every single garment.”

See Our High-Quality Work Uniform Program in Action

Prospects are invited to see for themselves the state-of-the-art system we use for sorting and tracking garments. Those who can’t take the tour in person can take the virtual route with our video tour.  We want prospects to see what a high-quality work uniform program looks like in action, with an experienced and committed team and processes that we’ve honed over decades as an industry leader.

Experienced route service representatives are a key part of the Roscoe customer experience. With an average tenure of more than a decade – a rare find in our industry – our representatives know our customers well. The service they provide is a cornerstone of the strong, long-lasting relationships we have with our clients – many of whom have been working with Roscoe for over 15 years.

Those are relationships we’ve built by never taking them for granted. In addition to our annual customer satisfaction surveys, we undergo numerous third-party assessments of our processes for efficiency, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We are always working to identify opportunities for improvement, no matter what kind of a year we’re having. That’s part of the culture at Roscoe, where taking pride in the job we do is not a sales slogan – it’s a genuine commitment to excellence.

We believe our sales growth is the direct result of that commitment on the part of a team that puts customers first at every step of the process. And while we have a lot to celebrate this year, it’s our customers’ success that really puts the icing on the cake.

If you’d like to see what a high-quality work uniform program looks like, give us a call or click on the link below.

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