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Reusable towels from the Roscoe company will help you save money and provide a great, environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Roscoe offers a wide range of absorbent and durable towel options. Depending on your requirements, we offer reusable towels in sizes that suit your needs.

And the best part is, once used, the towels can simply be returned to Roscoe for cleaning. Each towel will be inspected for cleanliness before delivery and re-use.

Shop Towels & Wipers

  • High quality: wipers are inspected with each processing
  • More absorbent and efficient than paper or disposable rags
  • Lower cost and fewer liabilities compared to disposables
  • The most environmentally sound choice
  • The more absorbent and durable alternative to paper industrial wipers

Printer Wipers

  • Highly absorbent versus paper or cut-up rags
  • Reusable towels are more environmentally friendly than disposables
  • Variety of sizes
  • Uniquely identified, processed, and sorted separately to prevent cross contamination with towels used in machine shops; all wipers are inspected prior to delivery
  • Used for inks and solvents
  • Roscoe was 1st in the nation to implement a water treatment system for handling waste product on print wipers and other reusable textile products. We’re the only industrial laundry to have received the Illinois Governor’s Award for environmental efforts
  • Reduces customer liability for proper disposal of waste products by returning the soiled product to Roscoe for cleaning
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    At Roscoe, we take pride in the image-enhancing and money-saving benefits our products and services deliver to a wide variety of customers in our local community.

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    Fender cover
    Reusable Rental Shop Towels, Mops, Floor Mats & Profitability of Sustainability

    Microfiber Towels

    • The Microfiber dislodges and grabs fine particles and oils resident in the tiny pores and indentations of surfaces that cloths, sponges, and scrub pads can’t reach
    • For non-streak cleaning
    • Good for use in health care, education, food service, manufacturing facilities as well as office buildings
    • Excellent for use on glass surfaces, stainless steel, brass, chrome & wood surfaces
    • Microfiber products conserve water, reduce the use of disposable products, and require fewer harsh chemicals

      Fender Covers

      • Non-abrasive cloth fabric prevents scratching
      • Keep auto finishes free from grease and grime while being worked on in the shop

      Rent Shop Towels: Roscoe Chicago Laundry Service

      Roscoe was the first company in the nation to implement a water treatment system for handling waste product on print wipers and other reusable textile products. We are the only industrial laundry company to have received the Illinois Governor’s Award for environmental efforts.

      For 88 years, the Roscoe Company has been at the forefront of recycling services. In fact, 1926 was the year we started recycling towels!

      Our business is about delivering services that reduce environmental impact from our wastewater treatment process to our factory footprint. We do our share and take pride in helping our customers do their part in helping the environment too.

      Laundry services from the Roscoe company include towels, bibs and aprons. Since 1921, we have served the city of Chicago with ‘Roscoe Pride.’ Clean, on time, reliable and superior value are the hallmarks of the Roscoe service.

      Bib Aprons

      • Variety of colors and styles
      • Direct embroidery or emblems available

      Kitchen, Bar, Hand & Bath

      • A towel for every application
      • Shop Towels
      • Restaurant Towels
      • Tissues
      • Restaurants, Restrooms, Fitness Clubs, Hospitals, and more!

      Paper Towels

      • Reduces cross-contamination
      • Promotes a positive image
      • Deters pilferage & protects against vandalism
      • Reduces labor & minimizes waste
      • No moving parts & saves storage space

      Continuous Cloth Roll Towels

      • More absorbent, cost-effective, and less mess than paper
      • More sanitary than paper and electric hand dryers
      • Weekly fresh and clean towels
      • People prefer soft, absorbent cloth
      • No investment
      • Minimum storage space

      Our linens and towels service is available throughout the city and is backed by our excellent customer service. Need towels or linens?

      Contact us to learn more or to get a quote for towels and linen laundry services.

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