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The completely washable all-rubber floor mats from Roscoe stop the heaviest of dirt outside the door before it enters the building. In addition to outside entrances, rubber floor mats are ideal for spillage areas, locker rooms, and workstations.

And because rubber floor mats are constructed of extra heavy rubber, they stay in place. The molded rubber tread patterns are slip resistant and provide anti-fatigue properties. The beveled edges of our rubber floor mats also improve safety.

Rubber Floor Mats - Features and Benefits

  • Made with 100% nitrile rubber, ideal for outside entrances, slippery inclines, and production areas. Rubber mats scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes before it enters the building
  • Heavy rubber helps keep mats in place
  • Excellent durability and traction properties and slip-resistant surface
  • Perfect for doors and entryways, providing a slip-resistant surface that effectively removes tough dirt, grime, and water from feet
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Scraper is ideal for locker rooms, slippery inclines, restaurants, production areas, outside entrances, and spillage areas
  • Rubber floor mat sizes include 3' × 5' and 4' × 6'

The Roscoe Company offers a complete range of floor mats and floor mat systems. We even offer mat rentals!

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