Work Uniforms Rental Service

Locally and family owned since 1921, the Roscoe Company has been Chicago’s #1 source for work uniforms, uniform rentals and uniform services. In fact, we are known as The Chicago Uniform Company.

Roscoe takes pride in your image and would be pleased to help you with our great uniform services today. Are you looking for a new, fresh and exciting company uniform? Do you want to catch your customers’ attention? Would you like to stand out from your competitors? Think all company uniforms look the same? Think again!

Company Uniform Service

Roscoe’s company uniform services include uniform rental and uniform laundry services. We have state-of-the-art computerized industrial laundry equipment which will ensure your company uniforms are laundered and returned beautifully finished every time.

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Work Uniforms: Casual & Executive

Don’t be out-classed by your competitors! Corporate apparel is a great way to dress your whole company. Roscoe’s corporate apparel is not for the factory.


Work Uniforms: Coveralls, Lab Coats & Protective Clothing

Roscoe offers a wide range of protective clothing from overalls and coveralls to lab coats and work bibs. Roscoe’s cover garments are sturdy and ready for any job.


Work Uniforms: Flame Resistant

For protection against flames, flash fire, and electric arcs, many workers in the electric utility, petroleum, and chemical industries trust Roscoe flame resistant clothing.


Work Uniforms: Food Processing & Food Service

You can have the utmost confidence in Roscoe’s food processing uniform rentals because we back our great service with the strictest standards in quality control.


Work Uniforms: Jackets

Roscoe offers a wide range of protective clothing, including jackets with flame resistance and high visibility. Roscoe’s jackets are sturdy and ready for any job.


Work Uniforms: Medical, Lab Coats & HACCP Compliance

Medical uniforms from Roscoe are HACCP Compliant. We deliver only clean, crisp medical uniforms that are ready for service and keep your staff looking professional.


Work Uniforms: Static Dissipative Garments

Roscoe’s static control garments are effective steps in the reduction of particles and static electricity that compromise the integrity of the controlled environment.


Work Uniforms: Traditional Garments

Your team needs uniforms to fit their needs and the work they do. No matter how hard the job your team will always look great in uniform rentals from Roscoe.


Work Uniforms: Visibility & Reflective

Roscoe’s high visibility jackets and garments are designed to provide additional safety in times of limited visibility such as traffic control & equipment operation.


Work Uniforms: Women’s Garments

At Roscoe, our commitment to providing the highest-quality work uniform garments is an equal opportunity commitment, which means we are continually expanding our line of uniform options for women.