How Our Uniform
Rental Program Works



At Roscoe

We make your life easier with our seamless uniform rental program. One less thing to worry about so you can focus on your business. With us, you get:

What You Do

We want to make our uniform rental service as convenient for you as possible. With just a few simple steps on your end, our program will run seamlessly. By following these guidelines, you'll help us provide you with fresh, clean uniforms when you need them.


Remove all personal items from pockets before returning garments.


Place soiled garments in the designated area daily for pick-up. We'll deliver fresh ones on our next visit.


Put empty hangers on hanger tote.


For repairs, replacements, or size changes, place the garment in a yellow bag with details. Put the bag with soiled garments.


Keep in mind:

  • Garments have unique barcode/RFID numbers for tracking.
  • Only wear garments assigned to you based on expected use. Ask your supervisor if you need more.
  • Rental items remain Roscoe's property. Unaltered items must be returned upon cancellation to avoid fees.

What We Do

Behind the scenes, we follow a meticulous process to keep your uniform rental service running smoothly. Our attention to detail ensures you receive the highest quality garments and service.

Here's how our rental service works:

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Dirty merchandise is picked up for cleaning


Incoming garments are sorted by color and fabric


All garments are scanned upon receipt using RFID technology for tracking


Garments are steamed/pressed for a professional finish


Merchandise is inspected for repairs or replacements


Merchandise is washed and dried using custom formulas


Garments are sorted and bundled by wearer


Every garment is scanned again to ensure delivery accuracy

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Clean merchandise is delivered!

This process is also listed on Roscoe's Communication Station, an on-site reference tool for employees to request uniform repairs and size changes through our yellow bag program.

Experience Effortless Uniform Management with Roscoe's Rental Program

At Roscoe, we strive to make uniform rental as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers. Our streamlined process, quality products, and exceptional service enable you to focus on your business, not laundry.

Don't waste time and money purchasing and maintaining your own uniforms. With Roscoe's rental program, you'll save money while having the flexibility to change quantities and styles as your needs evolve.

Contact us today to learn more about how our uniform rental program can benefit your business. Partner with Roscoe for an effortless uniform solution you can trust.

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