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High Vis, Enhanced Visibility, Flame-Resistant, and Static Dissipative Uniforms 

Uniforms do more than make your company look great; they keep your employees safe. Roscoe Uniform rental has over 100 years of experience keeping workers safe on worksites that present a danger, such as low-light environments, potential flash-fire scenarios, production sites where chemicals are present, and more.

Roscoe Uniform Rental provides a wide range of high visibility, flame resistant, and static dissipative uniforms that meet the highest safety standards while keeping your employees comfortable on the job to perform their best. 

Flame-Resistant Uniforms

Roscoe's superior flame-resistant uniforms protect workers from life-threatening injuries caused by flames, flash fires, and electric arcs. With comfort, durability, and thermal protection, our flame-resistant uniforms are trusted by leaders in the electrical utility, petroleum, petrochemical, and chemical industries. 

  • Added protection against flames and electrical arcs
  • Applicable to NFPA 70E and 2112
  • Also available with visibility striping

Learn more about our flame-resistant uniforms.

High-Visibility Uniform Garments

High-visibility uniforms are essential for the safety of workers in areas of limited visibility, such as delivery drivers, air traffic controllers, construction workers, and equipment operators. 

Roscoe Uniform Company provides a comprehensive line of safety-compliant reflective apparel, from breathable, moisture-wicking mesh tees to dual-colored safety vests.

Learn more about our high-visibility garments.

Static Dissipating Apparel

Static Dissipating garments are specially designed to reduce particle and static electricity that may compromise the integrity and safety of a cleanroom or controlled environment. 

Roscoe Uniform Rental offers cover garments to help reduce static and grounding options.

Learn more about our static dissipative apparel. 

Roscoe Uniform Rental is a full-service uniform rental company. We can take care of all your work uniform rental or uniform sales requirements. Our uniform cleaning service is state-of-the-art, backed by an environmentally friendly ISO 9001:2015 certification, and outstanding customer service. You can view Roscoe's full range of corporate image apparel available here.


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