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Full-Service Laundry Technology

The Roscoe Company utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and technologies to deliver a broad range of laundry services. We are Chicago's Uniform Company, delivering work uniforms and towel rentals to a wide range of clients across Chicago, Northern Indiana, and Southeastern Wisconsin. Our focus is set squarely on providing the most environmentally friendly solutions backed by unrivaled customer service. The Roscoe Company's laundry services include:

Bar Coding / Ultra-High Frequency RFID Chips

  • All work uniforms and garments are scanned in and out of our system each time they are processed
  • Track special handling
  • No mixed bundles due to scan out by the wearer
  • Exception reports identify merchandise received but not ready for delivery
  • One More Time Program reduces shortages
  • Repair information is entered, so garments aren't delivered to the customer without the customer's request being addressed
  • Online customer access to billing and product usage information

Automated Sorting

  • Streamlines what was previously a labor-intensive manual process, decreasing time and increasing accuracy
  • Controls Roscoe labor cost, increasing reinvestment in the business
  • Allows more time for inspection of the merchandise and responding to issues

State-of-the-Art Garment Finishing System

  • The first of its kind in the nation
  • Adjusts to the unique characteristics of the garment, producing a wrinkle-free work uniform that will enhance your team's image
  • Conserves energy and reduces stress on garments by reducing excessive heat – both savings to you

Wastewater Treatment

  • First company in the industry nationwide to install this technology
  • Enables Roscoe to handle difficult soils that other launderers cannot
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At Roscoe, we take pride in the image-enhancing and money-saving benefits our products and services deliver to a wide variety of customers in our local community.

2016 Illinois governor sustainability award

Full-Service Laundry Environmental Leadership & Compliance

Governor’s Sustainability Award

As a two-time winner of the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award, Roscoe takes tremendous pride in its efforts to preserve our limited natural resources. We continue to be a leader in the laundry services industry with wastewater treatment, energy conservation, waste minimization, and recycling programs.

Hanger Recycling

Roscoe uses over 200,000 hangers every month. As you can imagine, throwing them all away would create an environmental hazard and increase costs.

Your Route Service Representative supplies you with a hanger tote for hanger recycling and less mess in locker rooms. Once you retrieve your garment, place the hanger in the tote so it can be returned and reused. Please take care not to bend the hangers.

Roscoe makes a charitable contribution to The United Way for each rack of hangers we get back. Your help can make a difference!

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