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Reusable Absorbent Carpets

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Roscoe's reusable absorbent carpets are quick-drying, effectively soaking up contaminants, such as water and condensation, hydraulic fluids, coolants, oils, inks, and solvents.

  • Improves worker safety by reducing slip areas.
  • Reduces housekeeping costs.
  • Environmentally friendly - reduces landfill waste and risk of future clean-up liabilities on-premise and at solid waste sites.
  • Complies with State and Federal solid waste regulations, which could otherwise require expensive waste profiling and significant disposal costs.

Absorbent Industrial Carpeting

Absorbent industrial carpeting from Roscoe is there when you need it for safety and peace of mind. As another great addition to our floor mats systems, absorbent carpeting has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Free-flowing liquids
  • Machinery leaks
  • Pad for washing parts
  • Condensation buildup on floors
  • Paints, solvents, oil, grease, water

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