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Roscoe's bristle floor mat range is available in four colors, the Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats will complement your existing mat inventory and is ideal for all entrances. With these unique mats, you will instantly see, feel and hear the difference that the Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats provide!

  • The most effective and abrasive mat in the industry: Its bristle and carpeted pile stops 35% more dirt than traditional mats
  • Combines traditional static dissipative Solution Dyed Nylon fibers with very abrasive Solution Dyed Nylon fibers
  • Fibers will not crush or lay down after repeated commercial laundering
  • Safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment
  • Ideal for all entrances
  • Ulti-Mats are made with a raised border to contain water

The Roscoe Company has a solution for your entryway and floor mat needs today! Whether you're looking to rent floor mats or want to get a customized door mat with your company's logo, give us a call!

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