Record-Breaking Customer Service and a Commitment to Do Even More

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Roscoe’s business model is built around providing the highest quality of customer service – we take pride in growing our business through satisfied customers. We spend a lot of time thinking about ways we can improve and setting goals for continuous improvement. But what really matters is, what do our customers think?

We really want to know. It’s always nice to hear what we’re doing right – those things that drive our customer satisfaction numbers up. But we also want to know where our customers think we could do better so we can continue to identify opportunities for improvement.

Every year we bring in Carl Hendrickson, President of Market Measurement, a Detroit-based market research consulting firm, to survey our customers. Using 10 criteria shown to be “key drivers of satisfaction” in the uniform industry, Hendrickson’s firm contacts a random sampling of Roscoe’s customers, probing for detailed opinions from those who work directly with their company’s uniform program.

Happy Work Uniform Customers Year after Year

We’re happy to report that this year’s results show another outstanding year of customer satisfaction:

  • Highest ratings ever in customer communication
  • Highest ratings ever in overall uniform appearance, garment cleanliness and quality
  • Highest ratings ever in Roscoe performing above expectations
  • Virtually no criticism of repairs
  • Seven straight years of overall customer satisfaction above the industry national average

When asked if they think Roscoe employees take pride in their work, nearly 100% of all customers agreed. We also take great pride in our service personnel, who are highly responsive to customer needs.

Still, continuous improvement is the driving force behind Roscoe culture. We can celebrate our successes, but we can’t rest on them.

High Quality Work Uniform Service at Every Level

So we met as a company, and Hendrickson reviewed the survey results with us. Afterward, we broke into five groups to brainstorm around specific actions that will enable us to reach a new level of customer satisfaction. Every department was represented: from Sales and Service to Administration and Production. Route Service Representatives brainstormed along with their District Service Managers and front-line production workers.

This inclusive approach left us with an array of well-rounded perspectives and ideas for improving upon our successes. We left with plans for serving our customers even better.

That’s what really makes us take pride.

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