A Century of Pride Shows in Our Work Uniform Service

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When you read about companies on one of those “Best Places to Work” lists, you begin to see a common theme: employees who are engaged and passionate about their work. A culture that leaves employees feeling valued is a culture that instills not only a sense of purpose, but also a sense of pride in their work.

A Uniform Company Built on the Pride of a Job Done Well

“Take Pride” is the Roscoe motto, as well as the backbone of Roscoe’s company culture, going back four generations, to when CEO Jim Buik’s grandfather, a Scottish immigrant, founded the company in 1921. Back then, Roscoe employees used to wait outside the factories at the end of the day to take uniforms for washing, returning with clean uniforms the next morning.

A lot can change over a century. We’ve expanded our products and services and improved our processes to meet the changing needs of our customers along with improved standards for safety, comfort and environmental responsibility.

Modern work uniforms are far more specialized, with garments customized for a variety of health and safety needs, like food safety garments that comply with government and industry standards or high-visibility garments for employees whose work exposes them to traffic hazards or low-lighting conditions.

Our services also include an expanded line of floor mats, paper products, towels and bathroom supplies, all designed to improve the health and safety of employees and limit the risks for our clients and their customers.

We’ve added state-of-the-art technology to our processes, including a fully automated sorting system that has dramatically increased our capacity and enables us to track every garment so we know where it is at any point in the process. Our customers don’t have to suffer the disruption of missing uniforms. Innovation is part of a commitment to continuous improvement – which is one thing that hasn’t changed in three, going-on-four, generations of family ownership.

Fourth Generation Pride and Employee Commitment

“Continuous improvement and innovation at Roscoe was part of my upbringing,” says Buik. “I always want to drive for something better.” That’s a value shared by Roscoe employees.

Buik’s daughter Julia is a Business Analyst at Roscoe, continuing in a family tradition of always looking for ways to improve. The sorting system doesn’t just pave the way for Roscoe’s growth, she says. “It helps us increase our capacity, so we can further serve our customers as they continue to grow,” she says.

Roscoe employees share that commitment and take pride in exceeding clients’ expectations.

“We deliver what we say we’re going to deliver. We honor our promises,” says Service Team Leader Israel Cartagena.

To learn more about the foundations of Roscoe Pride, watch a video that explores the roots of our culture and introduces you to some of the team leaders whose commitment will keep it going into the next century. To learn more about what our service and commitment can do for your work uniform program, call us or click on the link below.

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