Why We are ISO Certified: How Quality Management Creates a Quality Work Uniform Service

ISO 9001 certification stamp

When we made the decision to adopt and hold ourselves accountable under the international system of quality management standards known as ISO, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.

But we also knew the value of putting ourselves to the test of third-party scrutiny of our processes. That is built into the culture at Roscoe. We seek out independent confirmation of our efforts wherever there is a credible organization to do it.

We’ve been able to grow and thrive for nearly 100 years – into our third generation of family ownership – in large part because we have never simply operated under our own instincts for best practices. We put ourselves under the scrutiny of third-party experts for safety, for environmental stewardship, for customer service and for hygienic processing.

It’s a process that has served us well, even though it requires a significant commitment of time and resources.

ISO standards are used by more than 1 million businesses and organizations around the world to establish the structure and processes needed for long-term success in meeting the needs of their customers and stakeholders and complying with regulatory obligations related to a product or a service.

We are one of them – an outcome that was well worth the effort of reviewing, improving and documenting our processes until they were good enough to earn the designation. Is there still room for improvement? Always. Continual improvement is part of the process.

The Structure Behind a High-Quality Work Uniform Program

“ISO is really the overarching certification that lends structure and process to everything we do,” says Roscoe President Jim Buik. “Structure and process allow us to analyze what we do and why we do it. You can’t continually improve if you don’t know where you came from.”

Becoming certified under ISO 9001:2008, and later under ISO 9001:2015, helped us identify ways in which our processes could be better organized, more efficient and more clearly defined. It helped provide standards for improved leadership and identify both risks and opportunities. We didn’t pursue certification so that we could “check a box” or brag about it, even though we are very proud of this achievement.

We did it to identify areas for improvement that can be hard to see from the inside.

It’s the same reason we invited OSHA safety experts and “Clean Green” experts to scrutinize our safety and environmental practices. It’s the reason we hire customer service research experts to interview our clients. There is just no substitute for an expert, independent review.

And when you hear things you don’t like, that’s when a third-party review is most valuable.

At Roscoe, we believe we provide work uniform service that is second to none. And “Take Pride” is our motto. But sometimes, it can be just as valuable to take a little criticism.

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