The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Lifelong Learning

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Research suggests that companies that invest in professional development and continuous learning often out-perform competitors, have higher retention rates, and get higher satisfaction ratings from both their employees and clients.

At Roscoe, we’ve seen the results firsthand. Lifelong learning is deeply instilled in our culture, both as a way of ensuring the high-quality customer service we deliver to our clients and as a way of supporting the team members who provide it.

It’s also the foundation of “continuous improvement” – a concept that is at the heart of everything we do at Roscoe and a key priority of CEO Jim Buik, both for Roscoe and in his role as chairman of the TRSA, the national trade organization of the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

A Work Uniform Team that Takes Pride in Learning

In a recent chairman’s column, Buik recounted the opportunities for lifelong learning that Roscoe leaders have experienced through the TRSA executive management programs. Buik’s father Don was a member of the Executive Management Instititute’s first graduating class and his daughter Julia began her third year at EMI this summer. Almost every member of Roscoe’s Leadership and Service teams has also completed the program and other team members have taken part in the TRSA’s Production Management Institute.

These programs not only provide practical leadership and industry education, they also contribute to a sense of teamwork, both at Roscoe and as part of the industry at large.

We believe that providing lifelong learning and professional development opportunities go hand in hand with the sense of pride that Roscoe team members take in their work. And there is little question that lifelong learning is a factor in the incredible depth of experience we enjoy at Roscoe, where the 20-Year Club gets bigger every year.

Expertise is the Glue that Keeps Our Team Together

It’s no secret that happy and well-trained employees stick around. We’re thriving because of them. And our clients enjoy an unmatched level of customer service because of the pride they take in their work. They know that by doing their jobs well, they’re helping some of the hardest working people in Chicago do their jobs.

With structured on-the-job training and ongoing certification programs, our team members stay ahead of the curve on industry trends, outpace our competitors in knowledge, and build upon their own skills and expertise.

We get a lot of attention for the millions of dollars we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology, but as impressive as it is, it’s the commitment of the Roscoe team that makes it work. Our team is the reason our customers report record-breaking satisfaction levels and it’s the reason our sales team is posting record-breaking growth this year.

Our team members are experts in the field and passionate about the work they do, and it shows. If you’d like a team like that working for your business, give us a call or click on the link below.

Photo: Roscoe Team members learn management and leadership as part of their training at the TRSA’s Executive Management Institute.

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