Route Service Representatives and Roscoe Customers are Hard to Separate

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If it were up to Roscoe customers many of our long-serving route service representatives would probably never be able to look forward to a well-earned retirement.

Last year marked the retirement of two such representatives, known for their dedication, kindness and awesome customer service over a combined tenure of nearly four decades.

Terry Phillips retired after 23 years at Roscoe and Bobby Jackson retired after more than 15 years. Over the years, their customers grew to love them, and it goes without saying that their replacements have big jobs ahead of them.

That’s the downside of having such a great team at Roscoe. Our team members make their careers at Roscoe and our customers have a tendency to get attached. Our route service representatives have an average tenure of 13 years. The industry average is about 18 months.

Teamwork and Camaraderie

But we couldn’t be prouder of the dedication and camaraderie of our team members, even if that makes it hard on everyone when anyone leaves.

“I’ll miss it,” said Phillips. “It is just a good company to work at because of the camaraderie. Everyone gets along so well.”

Phillips says his Roscoe coworkers are like family to him and he will keep in touch, as many do. Our 20-Year-Club members are a tight-knit bunch and retirement doesn’t change that.

“Everybody helps each other out,” said Phillips of the atmosphere that led to his making his career at Roscoe. He also enjoyed events like the family picnics along with perks like a four-day workweek and excellent retirement benefits.

Happy Employees Are a Hit with Customers

We are going to miss him almost as much as our customers do.

“Terry is very thorough and never missed a day,” said Roscoe District Service Manager Jeff DeLazzer. “He is very responsible and his customers loved him.”

DeLazzer said experienced route service representatives like Phillips and Jackson are a huge benefit to Roscoe customers, who like the fact that they see the same person week after week, who knows their business as well as they know their own. Customers who like their route service representatives are happy customers.

“It really helps with customer relations,” DeLazzer said. “They love the driver so they love us too.”

Bobby Jackson’s customers were also sad to see him retire and ask about him frequently, DeLazzer said.

“Bobby’s very outgoing, very friendly and always has a smile on his face,” DeLazzer said. “He’s very polite. People loved seeing him once a week. He treated people well and his customers loved him for it.”

At Roscoe, we work hard to create an atmosphere where our team members can grow and thrive and build a career. It’s part of the reason our customers stick around too.

And for that, we are truly grateful. We look forward to another year of helping all of you get to work. From our team to yours, we wish you every success in 2020 and we thank you for letting us be a part of it.

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