A 48-Hour Turnaround: How Roscoe Teamwork Drives Success

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It was just before the beginning of the new school year when Roscoe received a call from the school district.

The district was an existing client, but had a new location opening in weeks and needed merchandise as soon as possible.  In the school system, of course, there are more ASAPs than ABCs in August and September, so we went into action to ensure that at least our part of the back-to-school rush was trouble-free.

The Roscoe team jumped into action and provided the new school with a service quote. Within 24 hours, the school had signed the contract and our program design consultant was coordinating with our route team, account managers and production crew to ensure a rapid turnaround.

An expedited invoice was created and processed as our production team leader worked with her crew to prepare the order for next-day delivery. Through swift teamwork and coordination, we were able to get them everything they needed in time for a new school year.  From contract to installation, the Roscoe team delivered results in just 48 hours.

The school was very happy, and while we love getting a gold star for our work as much as anybody, it wasn’t nearly as hard as herding hundreds of elementary school students into classrooms at the start of a new year. That’s a big job.

Teamwork that Gets Results

Roscoe is built upon a multi-team structure, with dedicated departments collaborating to meet client needs quickly, consistently and with the highest level of customer service. Our team members are experienced, well-trained and committed to the success of our clients: key factors when it comes to completing projects in a time crunch.

But teamwork is the critical factor. It’s how we’ve been able to grow and improve over the years, incorporating state-of-the-art-technology, achieving numerous certifications for industry and environmental standards and consistently high rates of customer satisfaction.

Last year, Roscoe team members spoke to American Laundry News about the interplay of of teamwork and technology that makes it all work. As Team Leader Miriam Avila noted, “You’re always going to have the human factor in there. No matter how fancy or sophisticated you get … you still need that personal touch.”

As we approach the company’s 100th anniversary, we recognize the role that our team has played in building and sustaining a business dedicated to the success of our customers. Whether their job is herding kindergartners or manufacturing machine parts, they deserve a work uniform company that works as hard as they do.

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