Celebrating Decades of Teamwork and Commitment

20 Year Club employees

If you are a Roscoe customer, chances are good that you know the employees who pick up the phone when you call, who deliver your uniforms and who manage your account. That’s because Roscoe team members tend to stick around.

So many Roscoe team members make their careers here that we had to form a special club just to celebrate them.

Our 20-Year Club represents a big part of who we are at Roscoe and we are proud to be a company where so many people choose not just to work here, but to build a career that spans decades.

A good example is Office Team Leader Barbara Polk, who began working at Roscoe 20 years ago as an assistant in the accounts payable department, earning promotions to a position as Customer Service Manager and later to her current position.

Teamwork on the Job and in the Community

Polk watched over the years as the people who trained her were inducted into the company’s 20-Year Club at the group’s annual dinner and induction ceremony, a tradition that highlights the close working relationship that the Roscoe team enjoys. This year, Polk achieved membership status and was honored at the ceremony, along with fellow inductee Estelle Vital.

“The big thing is that everyone is looking forward to getting into the 20-Year Club,” said Polk. “People who are retired come in and mingle with people who are still working. The oldest person in the club has been here 47 years. I’m the youngest.”

Polk says she loves working at Roscoe because her coworkers have become like family and everyone works together as a team.

“This job has been a good fit,” she said.

Polk said being able to play a role in the company’s community service projects, like bringing Christmas gifts to the children of incarcerated parents through the annual Angel Tree drive, has been among the most satisfying aspects of her years with Roscoe.

The project goes back to Polk’s first days with the company. “I love how we give back to the community,” she said. “Everyone is involved.”

For Longtime Employee, the Roscoe Family is Family

Estelle Vital began working at Roscoe 20 years ago preparing orders for customers after her husband Nicolas told her of a job opening. Today, she leads the team that prepares the orders. Nicolas Vital, a Route Service Representative, is also a member of the 20-Year Club; he’s been working at Roscoe for 39 years.

Vital and her husband attribute their longevity to the way that team members at Roscoe are valued.

At Roscoe, we celebrate our long-term employees for a lot of reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is that they’re why we will celebrate 100 years in business in 2021. A well-trained and experienced team, committed to continuous improvement, is why we can report record-breaking customer satisfaction levels and growth.

Our clients are some of the hardest working people in the Chicago area and we’re proud to be able to serve them with a team that is genuinely committed to their success.

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