ISO 9001:2015 Recertified and Recommitted to Our Customers

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When you have been in business for going on 100 years, it might seem like a good time to relax a little. After all, something is obviously working right.

And we are looking forward to a fabulous centennial celebration later this year. But of course, you don’t reach a milestone like that by trusting only in your own success.

At Roscoe we built our business on a foundation that includes a lot of outside scrutiny and feedback. And ISO certification is a cornerstone of those efforts. Our recent recertification under ISO 9001:2015 caps an ongoing process that includes recertification every three years. It begins with internal audits of our processes and concludes with a series of site visits by an outside auditor who looks to see how well we are adhering to our processes, and where there is room for improvement.

What does ISO Certification mean to our customers? It means that we subject our processes, our customer service and our commitment to ongoing improvement to the scrutiny of third-party experts who hold us accountable and help us to keep raising the bar.

It’s a rigorous process and we are always proud to make the grade. But the real value of ISO certification is in finding new ways that we can enhance and improve our processes. There is always more we can do and ISO standards are an internationally recognized metric for keeping the bar high.

Holding Ourselves to the Only Standard Good Enough for Our Customers

“Really what we get are opportunities to improve,” said Roscoe CFO Terry Trimble, who has played a role in every ISO certification process we have undergone, going back more than 15 years.

The past year, of course, added an extra degree of difficulty as, like all of our customers, we had to find ways to get things done with a lot less in-person interaction. But the structure and processes imposed by the ISO process, along with our commitment to strategic planning, meant that we were in a stronger position for doing so.

Customer service is a critical part of succeeding in the work uniform industry and the ISO process also takes a close look at our record in resolving and reducing customer complaints. While we don’t get many, the goal, says Trimble, is “zero.”

Roscoe customers are, of course, the most important judge of our processes, but even with record customer satisfaction levels, we recognize that there is always more that we can do. And subjecting our standards and processes to third-party expert scrutiny is one of the best ways to ensure continuous improvement.

ISO is just one of many third-party audits and reviews that we conduct year after year, to ensure that we are keeping the bar as high as possible. In that respect, our centennial year is no different than any other year.

ISO 9001:2015 certification helps us deliver the highest quality work uniform rental services, and that is something to be celebrated in any kind of year. Can your work uniform provider do that?

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