Why Roscoe Customers Are More Likely to Recommend Our Services

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In a year filled with challenges, our steadfast commitment to hearing from our customers through our annual customer satisfaction survey has once again demonstrated why Roscoe stands out from the competition. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, our customers have expressed remarkable satisfaction.

Key Highlights from Our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Analysis

In 2020, a remarkable 96% of customers surveyed rated their satisfaction with Roscoe as “favorable”—a record consistent with our highest-ever scores. Customers praised us, especially for garment cleanliness, responsiveness, and completeness of delivery. Moreover, 62% of Roscoe customers qualified as “Net Promoters”, a score significantly higher than the CSCNetwork’s average of 40%, showcasing exceptional loyalty and the likelihood to recommend Roscoe.

Market Measurement Inc. President Carl Hendrickson noted, “Once a year we might see 60-something percent. Thirty-five to 45% is kind of an average. These are really solid customer relations. We couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t happy.”

Latest Insights from 2024 Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Fast forward to 2024, and our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the latest survey:

  • 85% of customers surveyed rated their experience with Roscoe as very favorable, particularly noting our excellence in cleanliness, completeness, and responsiveness.
  • 51% of surveyed customers are now Net Promoters, maintaining a strong advocacy rate above the national CSCNetwork average of 40%.

While these figures are promising, they also highlight a shifting landscape in customer expectations. The CSCNetwork’s average for “very favorable” ratings stands at 66%, indicating a competitive benchmark we aim to surpass.

New Areas for Improvement

The real value of our surveys is pinpointing improvement areas. While over half of our customers rated our communications as “above expectations,” and a third were satisfied with our billing clarity, we recognize the need for enhancement in these areas. Acknowledging this feedback, we’re developing targeted action plans to ensure our billing processes are as transparent and reliable as our services. We’re committed to refining our practices continuously, striving not only to meet but to exceed customer expectations, and reinforce Roscoe’s position as a leader in customer satisfaction.

A Century of Service and Improvement

For over 100 years, Roscoe has been more than just a uniform supplier; we’ve been a partner in our customers’ success. By listening to and acting on customer feedback, we strive not just to meet, but to exceed expectations.

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