Record Level of Roscoe Customers Say They Would Recommend Us to a Colleague

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In a year in which we briefly considered not conducting our annual customer satisfaction survey at all, Roscoe customers told us in record numbers that they are not only happy, but likely to recommend us to a friend or colleague as well.

These results from our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Analysis are enormously gratifying, especially at a time when our customers are facing unprecedented challenges created by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our decision to move forward with this annual exercise was based on the strong feeling of our team leaders that it was even more important to hear from our customers at such a time.

“These are really solid customer relations. We couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t happy.”
– Market Measurement Inc. President Carl Hendrickson

They were right. Because, as always, the results leave us with important insights into where our customers believe we can do better, and that is the real reason we go to the effort year after year of surveying them.

Let’s start with the highlights:

96% of the customers surveyed rated satisfaction with Roscoe as “favorable” – a level consistent with our all-time high. Customers gave us particularly high ratings for garment cleanliness, responsiveness and completeness of delivery.

62% of Roscoe customers surveyed qualified as “Net Promoters” – a score that is the highest our survey provider has ever seen in decades of customer research across a broad array of industries, and across the world. The “Net Promoter” rating is a measure of respondents who rate their likelihood of recommending us at 9 or higher, on a 1-10 scale, minus those who rate their likelihood of recommending us at 6 or below. The national average net promoter score is 40%.

“Once a year we might see 60-something,” said Market Measurement Inc. President Carl Hendrickson, whose Detroit-based research consulting firm has been surveying Roscoe customers since 1992. “Thirty-five to 45% is kind of an average,” Hendrickson said.

“These by far, are the most loyal, most likely-to-recommend customers,” he said. “These are really solid customer relations. We couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t happy.”

Charting a Course for Continuous Improvement

But of course, the real value of this survey is in its ability to pinpoint areas of improvement and Hendrickson has never let us down in this regard, drilling down to the details to ensure that even the slightest hint of dissatisfaction is surfaced. We use the results each year to create detailed action plans for improvement.

This year, although more than half of our customers rated our “ease and quality of communications” at “above expectations” and a third gave us the same high marks for “clarity and accuracy of billing,” we saw room for improvement in both areas. These are difficult times for our customers and it’s our goal to provide the kind of service that makes things a little easier.

So while we’re tremendously grateful for the record-breaking percentage of you who said you were likely to recommend us, we’re back at work trying to do an even better job of earning your business.

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