Roscoe’s Centennial Featured on Cover of American Laundry News

roscoe employees in front of truck for Centennial

The Roscoe Company’s 100th anniversary celebration made the cover of one of the industry’s leading publications in November, with a story highlighting a long and successful history of helping businesses across Chicagoland get to work.

The story notes that Roscoe celebrated this milestone inside a “technologically-advanced 100-year-old building,” a feat made possible by the 2018 installation of our state-of-the-art sorting system and a major building renovation – both accomplished with no disruptions in customer service.

The takeaway? The secret to Roscoe’s longevity is the Roscoe team and the deep pride we take in our products, customers and community 365 days a year. That’s our “Take Pride” motto in a nutshell, of course, and we’re especially proud to be celebrating this milestone with every one of you.

Other story highlights:

“Roscoe is all about continuous improvement as exemplified by its ISO 9001: 2015 certification status, as well as being TRSA Hygienically Clean and Clean Green Certified and SHARP certified for adherence to operating with strict safety guidelines.”

“…The company has found the best way to raise the bar and continuously improve is to listen to those whom they service and to team members who process and deliver their products daily.”

You can read the full story here.

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