Thank You for 100 Years

roscoe employees in front of truck for 100 years

A 100th anniversary is a milestone few businesses ever get to celebrate. There’s a bit of luck involved and a lot of planning. And you can’t overstate the value of having the right team of people invested in the work you do.

At Roscoe, we’ve had all of those things on our side, and more.

But none of that would have gotten us to 100 years without the loyalty of our customers: The people wearing our uniforms day after day and decade after decade are some of the hardest working people on the planet. You don’t get to be the “City of Big Shoulders” without tackling some pretty big jobs.

Our customers help keep the shelves stocked, the schools running, the trucks moving and an endless array of products and services flowing throughout Chicagoland. Many of them start very early in the morning; many work late into the night.

A Century of Support Along the Way

We are incredibly grateful for those who have come before us and worked through decades and generations to create a company whose mission statement and core values spell out PRIDE and our dedicated team members who exhibit pride with every shirt, mat, and towel cleaned and delivered. We’re also grateful for the support of our supplier partners, our industry colleagues, and the Chicago business community, which is like no other when it comes to standing together.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this company’s founding, it’s a milestone we share with all of you who have supported us over the years, and over the decades, through some amazing times and some pretty challenging times as well.

Along with the hardships of last year, we experienced once again, the privilege of being part of a community that knows how to pull together in a crisis. Our customers, partners, neighbors and colleagues shared expertise, resources and support to help share the burden and minimize the fallout for everyone.

We are here because you were here all these years.

From all of us on the Roscoe team: Wishing you all success on the way to your next milestone! And our sincere thanks for helping us reach this one.

Roscoe’s Mission & Quality Statement:

Proactive account management

Responsive to customer concerns

Impeccable condition & cleanliness of all products

Delivery in total & on time

Efficient & accurate billing

Roscoe’s Core Vales:

Positive: helpful, can-do attitude

Reliable: gets things done right

Innovative: offers solutions; focuses on improvement

Does the right thing

Eager to learn


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