The Uniform is Out of the Bag: Customers Love Our Garment Repair Program

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We scrutinize every uniform that comes through our doors to ensure that any necessary repairs are made promptly. But we also make it easy for our clients to route garments to repair with our convenient yellow bag program.

Customer satisfaction results are built on knowing what your customers want and need. That’s true in any business.

In the work uniform industry, however, it’s no secret that customers expect more than just high-quality work uniforms delivered on time; they want their uniforms kept in great condition, too. After all, what is the point of going to the trouble of outfitting your workforce in professional, brand-enhancing work uniforms if you can’t keep them that way?

Ensuring Work Uniform Quality Down to the Last Button

That is why at Roscoe, we are constantly scrutinizing our repair processes to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and our team members identify 98% of all needed repairs. But we also make it easy for our customers to let us know when a button is missing or a garment has a tear. This adds both speed and efficiency to the process and year after year, our customers tell us how much they like it.

Customers simply place a garment into one of our yellow bags and write instructions on the outside.

Our route service representatives then separate the garments requiring a little extra TLC and scan the repair or replacement instructions into our system. With RFID technology, the garments are tracked throughout the entire process. After scanning the garments into the system, our route service reps also notify our laundering and repair teams to let them know a yellow bag is on its way.

This bit of redundancy ensures that nothing is overlooked, all team members are in the loop and our customers experience no delays or shortages while a garment is being mended or replaced.

Once the garments are repaired, they are returned with a two-part ticket to ensure that both the wearer and the uniform coordinator know that the repairs have been made.

Only 2% of Repairs are Requested by Clients

It’s a great system and a time-saver when uniforms get roughed up on the job. But the best part of our system is the diligence that we employ to identify wear and tear in advance. When it comes to repairing garments, 98% of issues are found and resolved internally – only 2% are requested by clients. It’s our job to ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about the upkeep of their work uniforms.

Our goal is for clients to use the yellow bag as little as possible, but in the case of accidents, tears, and other immediate repair needs, the yellow bag program provides an extra layer of service, quality control and convenience.

“The system is designed to give our clients the power of requesting changes, replacements, or repairs to their employees’ garments,” says Roscoe Service Team Leader Jeff Delazzer. “And the feedback we receive from them only reinforces this system’s success.”

Glowing Reviews in our Customer Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Roscoe conducts a customer satisfaction survey to gauge our performance and identify areas for improvement. This year, 99% of our clients reported that the Roscoe team rapidly responded to repair requests – and 98% felt that the process of reporting repair needs was easy.

Combined with our state-of-the-art sorting system and streamlined garment tracking process, replacements and repairs are fast and seamless. The yellow bag program ensures customers can always initiate the process themselves without delay, and without having to make a call or send an email.

At Roscoe, the quality of our services and garments matters to us – down to every button. We work hard to exceed expectations and stay one step ahead of what our customers need, so they can get to work without ever having to worry about their work uniform program.

Isn’t that what you need in a work uniform program?

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