Reflections on a Momentous Year Left Behind and a Momentous Year Begun

Jim Roscoe

In some ways, turning the corner on 2020 feels like an accomplishment in itself.

And yet, despite the many difficulties – and the pandemic-related challenges we still face – 2020 was a year of more than perseverance for Roscoe and our customers. There were genuine accomplishments amid efforts that made us all a little stronger going forward.

As a family-owned company that will celebrate 100 years in business later this year, we have decades of perspective to draw upon when it comes to navigating difficult times. Previous generations of our family kept this enterprise going through the Great Depression, a world war and heartbreaking periods of civil unrest.

Even so, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to hold its place on any list of history-making challenges and we are proud of our team for keeping an essential service in place for our customers, many of whom provide essential services of their own. Together, we have done more than any of us could have done on our own.

Among our accomplishments in 2020 are many that would stand out in any year – no asterisk required:

A Big Milestone to Celebrate with Gratitude to our Customers

All of these efforts left us well-positioned going into 2021, a year in which we will celebrate our 100th anniversary and – with any luck – a return to the physical and economic health of the country.

Some things will not be going back to the way they were, of course. In our industry, best practices for health and safety have changed for the better and in keeping with our culture of continuous improvement, we’re keeping them. Increased customer and team member communication is also a practice we plan to maintain.

And so, as we approach our 100th anniversary in a year that feels momentous for so many reasons, we are especially grateful to our customers who have made it possible, and who have also shown incredible grace, fortitude, and common sense during difficult times.

Here’s hoping for a healthy, happy and successful 2021for all of us!

-Jim Buik, President

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