7 Signs that You Have the Wrong Work Uniform Provider

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Business partnerships take time and trust, but sometimes things just don’t work out. From low-quality uniforms to poor customer service, finding the right uniform partner can be a challenge. Here are the top warning signs that you’re working with the wrong uniform provider.

1. Your Employees Hate the Uniforms

If your employees are raising concerns about uniforms, don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. Taking care of your team is about ensuring their comfort and safety while on the job. Employees may not like their uniforms for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They’re uncomfortable
  • They’re bulky or difficult to work in
  • They are unprofessional or unattractive in appearance

With the right uniform provider, you will have plenty of well-designed options to choose from to ensure that your teams are properly equipped in safe, comfortable clothes.

2. Uniforms Are Missing

Do your uniforms mysteriously disappear? This is a common, but avoidable issue that companies face. With Ultra-High RFID technology, there’s no reason that your deliveries should ever be short.

At Roscoe, uniforms are carefully tracked with state-of-the-art technology to ensure each piece is promptly returned to its owner.

3. Your Provider Doesn’t Return Your Calls

Terrible customer service? Not sure who to call? You’re not alone – many companies face unresponsiveness and apathy from their work uniform providers.

To avoid this, look for a provider with a proven track record of excellent customer service and an industry leading 1-hour response policy. At Roscoe, our hard-working representatives go above and beyond to cultivate strong, lasting relationships with clients.

4. The Uniforms are Dirty or Damaged

Most uniform providers include services for laundering and upkeep of the garments. But what happens when this falls through? Uniforms that are unsanitary or damaged not only impact the image of your company but the safety of your employees. For many industries, properly cleaned and maintained uniforms are central to compliance.

At Roscoe all of your garments are processed through our Hygienically Clean wash process. If your provider is not meeting your standards for the upkeep and laundering of your uniforms, then it’s time to find a partner who will.

5. Uniforms Are Not Delivered On time

A high-quality rental uniform program ensures the uniforms are picked up, laundered, and delivered back to the client on time. If your provider is missing this window of delivery, making excuses for late shipments, and not sticking to schedule, it can negatively affect your entire company.

At Roscoe, we find that reliability goes a long way. We treat our customers the way we would want a provider to treat us.

6. Your Invoices Make No Sense

Issues with invoices can be a huge red flag. Look out for “special” price increases, mysterious fees, inconsistent rates, and more. A professional partnership with a uniform provider requires trust, and inconsistencies in your invoices can indicate a larger, underlying problem.

If you have had experience with these types of issues, have a third-party provider review your invoices to validate your concerns.

7. Your Employees Don’t Look Professional

At the end of the day, keeping your employees safe and looking professional is key to your company’s success. If you’re unhappy with the quality, design, or upkeep of the uniforms, it’s time to look for a new provider.

At Roscoe, we take pride in offering high-quality uniforms, rental programs, and more. With experience in a variety of industries, we can cater to your specific uniform needs.

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