Getting Back to Work Safely

Employers face many challenges in getting their employees back to work and safeguarding against further infections and shutdowns. The right uniform program is a source of protection and confidence for your employees as they begin returning to the workplace.

Here’s how we can help you navigate these challenges:

Face Coverings

Reusable Cloth Masks

Two styles that hold up well in the industrial laundry process: BioSmart version with bleach-activated antimicrobial properties and a 2-ply washable cotton style

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Social Distancing
Floor Mats

Social Distancing Floor Mats

Visual reminder for employees to spread out that also prevents the spread of dust and dirt – laundered weekly and delivered along with your uniforms

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Delivery of Soap &
Hand Sanitizers

Hand Cleanser

You no longer need to go shopping to keep your sanitation products fully supplied – we’ll get industrial strength supplies to you weekly

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Cover Garments & Uniforms

Cover Garments

Cover-up garments worn over traditional uniforms further protect your customers and employees

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Face Shields

These face shields provide protection for essential workers coming into contact with the general public during COVID-19

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Rental Floor

Rental Floor Mats

Mat systems save money in building maintenance, increase worker safety while on the job, and keep equipment running smoothly

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Toilet Paper

Keep your restrooms fully supplied to provide safe, clean, sanitary and fresh facilities at all times

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Cleaning Supplies

Mops, towels and linens keep your facility clean and can reduce cross-contamination

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Hygienically Clean Work Uniforms

Reusable Cloth Masks

Having employees change in and out of a fresh uniform at work every day, sanitized as part of our Hygienically Clean certified process, protects both employees and their families

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See what we’ve done to protect our employees here.

As shelter-in-place orders are phased-out, it will be critical for employees returning to work to have confidence that they can do so safely.

Our Message Regarding COVID-19