When the Dust Settles – How Floor Mats Play a Role in Reducing the Amount of Dust in Your Workplace

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You probably think of floor mats when it comes to protecting your business’s floors. But did you know that floor mats can help you reduce the dust, dirt, and debris that accumulates in the air and surfaces throughout your workplace. And regarding airborne dust, what goes up must come down….and in this case, on your floors.

If you’re considering renting floor mats for your business, you’ll need to know what they do, how to maintain them, and why they’re a good idea for keeping things dust free around the office or factory floor. Here are some helpful tips on using floor mats in commercial settings to help keep dust at bay for a cleaner, safer work environment.

Dust Reduction Benefits with Floor Mat Rentals

Dust is a safety hazard and can affect your employee’s health, causing respiratory issues and allergies. In some manufacturing environments, dust may contain toxic materials such as silica or asbestos and can even become a combustion hazard. Dust accumulation can also result in slick floors, which increases the risk of slip and fall accidents.  Airborne dust can also affect computer and other office equipment performance.

Floor mats are not only cost-effective, but they reduce dust by 98%. With floor mats, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep dust off the ground and out of the air
  • Minimize health hazards for your employees that are often caused by exposure to allergens or particles
  • Enjoy a cleaner, more welcoming environment

Dust Control Floor Mats

When placed at the entrance of your building, floor mats trap dust, dirt, and debris from foot traffic, reducing the amount of dust that gets tracked around your facility. Using floor mats also protects your floors, keeping them cleaner and looking new longer.

Dust control mats are made with flexible, ultra-fine fibers that provide deep cleaning on passing footwear. The friction of passing boots and shoes on the fibers attracts and traps dust and dirt. Dust control mats also help trap moisture and are designed to dry quickly.

Dust control floor mats come in various colors, shapes, and styles and can be customized with your company logo.

Super Bristle Floor Mats & Ulti-Mats

Roscoe’s bristle floor mat line is available in a variety of colors. Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats will complement your existing mat inventory and are ideal for all entrances.

  • These mats feature extra-coarse nylon fibers blended with traditional nylon carpet fibers.  This duo of fibers is designed to create excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil-stopping power.
  • Its bristle and carpeted pile stop 35% more dirt than traditional mats
  • Fibers will not crush or lay down after repeated commercial laundering
  • Safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment
  • Ideal for all entrances
  • Ulti-Mats are made with a raised border to contain water

Floor Mat Rental Program

It’s important to note that floor mats which become saturated with dirt and debris won’t be effective and can often become a source of spreading tracked in dirt throughout your facility. For floor mats to perform as promised, they must be regularly cleaned and replaced when they become soiled, damaged, or worn.

Roscoe’s floor mat rental program is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your floor mats clean and properly maintained. We’ll help you determine the best floor mat configuration for your workplace and deliver clean and attractive floor mats on a schedule that fits your business needs. Roscoe will take care of the cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

You can be confident that your work environment is safe and healthy and that you’re putting your best image forward with a mat rental program from Roscoe. Contact us today to discuss your mat rental needs.

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