Top Three Reasons A Floor Mat Rental Service is a Must for Your Workplace This Winter

Top Three Reasons A Floor Mat Rental Service is a Must for Your Workplace This Winter

Preparing your commercial building for a Chicago winter likely includes checking the HVAC system, arranging for snow and ice removal, and inspecting the roof and exterior. But one thing that often gets overlooked is the building’s floors. During the winter, your floors can quickly become damaged by extra moisture and snow-melting salt from the bottom of boots and shoes. Wet floors are also the top cause of workplace slip and fall accidents.

Help your floors stand up to Chicago’s harsh winters and reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents with a floor mat rental service plan from Roscoe.

Reduce Slip & Fall Risk

According to OSHA, slip and fall accidents account for about 25% of all workplace injuries. Liberty Mutual Insurance reports that slip and fall accidents cost U.S. businesses over $10.5 billion annually. And most of these accidents are preventable. Wet floors, with melted ice and snow being a primary culprit, are a top cause of slips and falls. Improper floor coverings and loose, worn-out mats with curled or frayed edges are also a trip-and-fall hazard.

Roscoe will help you determine which mats make the most sense for various areas of your building, including scraper mats by the entry points to help trap incoming snow and ice. As part of your mat rental service, your floor mats will be appropriately cleaned, maintained, and replaced before they become a hazard.

Better Protection for Your Floors

Melting snow, ice, and rain from boots and shoes leads to floor damage, including stains and warping. It can also result in mold and mildew growth in carpeted areas. The salt and sand mixtures that melt ice on sidewalks and parking lots can get tracked into your building and leave stains, corrode floor finishes, and scratch floor surfaces.

Roscoe’s mat rental service ensures you have the right floor mats where you need them. Our floor mat system is a unique and customizable system that includes the strategic use of four key types of mats that work together to trap moisture, salt, dirt, and other debris before it can damage your floors. Our floor mat options include multiple colors, styles, and custom logo mats that showcase your brand throughout your facility.

Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

Floor mats play a significant role in keeping your floors safe and protected, and positively impact general maintenance and cleanliness in your building. But floor mats that aren’t properly cleaned and maintained will lose their effectiveness over time. Old, curled, or bumpy floor mats that don’t sit flat on the floor become a trip hazard.

But regular floor mat maintenance is a big job. You must have the right equipment and enough time to thoroughly clean and dry floor mats. Not only will mats be less effective without proper cleaning, but they will also wear faster. And replacing floor mats can become costly and is not environmentally friendly.

With Roscoe’s floor mat rental program, we’ll rotate your dirty mats for professionally cleaned and well-maintained mats delivered and installed on your preferred schedule. Dirty mats will be removed and returned to our facility for comprehensive cleaning. And we’ll automatically replace worn-out or damaged floor mats.

Roscoe has you covered when it comes to floors in the winter or any time of year. Save time and money on floor maintenance and repairs and ensure your work environment is safe with Roscoe’s floor mat rental program.

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