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The right work uniform program is a critical part of your business, and when it’s managed properly, it isn’t something that you have to spend a lot of time thinking about. It does what it’s supposed to do – building brand identity, keeping your employees safe and reflecting the professionalism of the job you do – without a lot of fuss or bother.

The wrong work uniform program has a way of showing up everywhere, sowing delay, aggravation and, eventually, chaos into every process. If you’ve experienced missing uniforms or uniforms in poor repair, you already know what the wrong work uniform provider looks like. But what does the right provider look like? How do you know if you switch that things will be any different?

At Roscoe, you’ll see the difference right at the start. Because our process for establishing new accounts is built on the same foundation of stellar customer service as with everything else we do. When you partner with Roscoe, you’ll experience the same, consistently excellent quality and service on your first day that you can expect on every other day.

Transitioning to a Better Work Uniform Provider

Our onboarding process leaves nothing to chance. Here are some of the highlights of the process by which we introduce our clients to the customer service standards they can expect throughout their partnership with Roscoe:

Needs Assessment: Our clients come to us from a wide variety of industries and with a wide variety of needs. We create an individualized road map for every account. A site map includes specific details about a clients’ needs, set-up and processes, down to the location of every floor mat and every locker.

A Roscoe Team: Every Roscoe client is assigned a three-person team that includes a Route Service Representative, a Customer Service Representative and a District Service Manager. These are the people you can rely on for service, for answers and for prompt resolution of any issues. Even better, they’re the same people, week after week. Our Route Service Representatives have been with us an average of 13 years so our clients do not experience the chaos of turnover that plagues the national providers.

Professional Sizing: We deploy a professional sizing team to new accounts with pre-washed samples and measuring tapes, guaranteeing that employees get a uniform that is sized right for both fit and comfort. As new hires are added to the program, their orders are filled within one week 95% of the time.

Help with Transition Logistics: We make it easy to transition, making sure lockers are in place, properly labeled and ready to go without any disruption to your business. Garments are ordered, prepped and fitted with ultra-high RFID chips for tracking. We’ll help you coordinate with a current supplier so there are no gaps in service during transition.

Communication and Transparency: Our state-of-the-art processes include full visibility into documents and delivery status, along with the low-tech version of old-fashioned responsiveness: the names and phone numbers of team members who will respond promptly to address any questions or concerns. We employ a 1-hour customer response policy and if we can’t resolve something immediately, we’ll let you know within the hour what we are doing to address it.

Follow-up: The Roscoe Team follows up every installation with a visit to ensure that everything is working smoothly. A District Manager calls or visits on a periodic basis after that.

A Work Uniform Company that Earns Customers’ Top Ratings

At Roscoe, we’ve honed our processes over the decades to be sure that even as we adopted the most sophisticated sorting and laundry processes in the industry, customer service would continue as the driving focus behind all of our efforts. That’s not just an aspiration; it’s something we put under the microscope every year with in-depth customer service satisfaction surveys followed by detailed action plans for continuous improvement.

Onboarding is just one of the ways in which our efforts have earned us our customers’ highest ratings. If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable work uniform provider with unmatched standards of customer service, as well as environmental and community responsibility, we are the right work uniform provider for you. Call us or click on the link below to learn more about what we can do for your work uniform program or to arrange a tour of our facility and a first-hand look at the industry’s most sophisticated system for sorting and tracking garments. You can take a virtual tour of our facility by clicking here.

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