Spring into Action with Roscoe’s Uniform Apparel

spring into action with roscoe's uniform apparel

Winter is thought of as the most dangerous season to work in, but spring also presents considerable challenges. Especially in the Windy City. From torrential rain and severe wind to occasional April snow dusting, the spring season in Chicago is hard to predict. That’s why it’s important to keep your employees safe and comfortable. Do so with new spring uniforms like hoodies, spring outerwear, water-resistant garments, and corporate uniform apparel.

Keep Employees Protected with Proper Uniform Apparel

Employees who spend hours on end outdoors during the spring season are subjected to many unknown stressors. Rain, snow, heat, and fog can lead to dangerous situations along with potential health issues. Reliable and high-quality work uniforms supplied and maintained by a professional provider like Roscoe, can ensure your team will be protected no matter the weather. At Roscoe, we have an array of garments to help your crew get the job done safely and comfortably.

Is your Team Ready for Spring Weather?

When spring rain starts, your team needs to be protected to stay warm, dry, and productive. Roscoe knows the value of staying dry in all weather and supplies garments needed to do so. We offer a wide range of water-resistant work jackets, including Eddie Bauer Ⓡ jackets for such occasions. With the unpredictable spring weather, having reliable work uniforms can turn downtime into productivity.

We also believe that during this season, layering is crucial. That’s why we provide a large selection of hoodies, work vests, work shirts, blue jeans, and coveralls to keep your team ready for whatever weather comes their way. If you have crews working with heavy machinery or in a hectic industrial environment, high-visibility garments can keep tragedy away. Especially during the rainy season.

Reliable Floor Mats for Workplace Safety

Along with proper uniforms, keeping the rain, mud, and snowmelt out of your facility is a high priority. Wet floors are an obvious safety risk and a key contributor to slip and fall accidents. The right system of floor mats is an investment in health and safety and nothing does as much to keep slippery weather outside as our Super Bristle and Ulti-Mats. The bristle and carpeted pile traps dirt and debris making them ideal for stopping water, mud, and dirt from being tracked into your facility.

In addition, our reliable program for laundering and maintenance keeps your floor mats looking great all year long. We provide on-schedule pick-up, deep cleaning, delivery – and the confidence that comes from knowing you have the right system in place for whatever Chicago weather comes your way.

To learn more about the right uniform rental program and floor mat solution for your business, download our catalog and contact us today!

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