A Century of Roscoe Sustainability

hanger recycling treated water 2 time governor award winner

Roscoe sustainability efforts started 100 years ago. It began with washing customer-owned garments, using less water and chemicals than home washing. Our team has been dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint to ensure a green future for those who come after us. We are committed to making our planet a better place, for our family, friends, and community.

Our team is committed to utilizing the best management practices concerning water reuse, energy-saving heat recovery, responsible waste removal, and recycling. Roscoe has the longest-running record, with over 45 years of compliance with the Clean Water Act. This makes us leaders and pioneers in the industry when it comes to sustainability.

Clean Green Certification

Roscoe was the first industrial launderer to receive the Clean Green Certification in 2012. We remain as only one of a few Chicago suppliers with this certification. The certification requires laundries to adhere to strict standards for earth-friendly processes. These processes include efficiency in water use and the employment of green detergents and proper waste disposal programs. Our fuel-efficient delivery routes and recycling programs are also recognized in this certification.

Our efforts have been recognized twice with the TRSA’s Clean Green Environmental Award. This award honors businesses for novel approaches to increase sustainability, conserve natural resources, and reduce the environmental impact of operations. Roscoe has been awarded twice with the Illinois Sustainability Award. This award recognizes innovative sustainable technologies as well as our ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and economic health.

Hygienically Clean Certification

In addition, we also just renewed our TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Certification. This certification adheres to stringent federal hygiene standards under the HACCP guidelines. Among other criteria, the hygienically clean certification requires quarterly microbial testing by an independent laboratory to ensure quality and compliance. These strict hygiene standards provide additional peace of mind to all of our clients, especially those in the food and health industries.

Hanger Recycling

Roscoe uses over 200,000 hangers every month. As you can imagine, throwing them all away would create an environmental hazard not to mention increase costs as well. When you partner with us, your Route Service Representative will supply you with a hanger tote for hanger recycling. Once you retrieve your garments, place the hanger in the tote so they can be returned and reused. In addition, for each rack of hangers we get back, Roscoe makes a charitable contribution to The United Way!

Roscoe Sustainability

At Roscoe, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, join us in building a better community and planet for generations to come. Contact us today to learn more and find the perfect uniform rental program for your business!

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