Protect your Floors and People this Winter with a Floor Mat System From Roscoe

Protect floors and people with a floor mat system from Roscoe

Imagine walking into your workplace on a cold winter morning. Outside, there’s a mix of slush, salt, and melting snow. But as you step inside, instead of slippery, salty footprints marking the floor, there’s a clean, dry pathway leading you in. This isn’t just a winter dream; with Roscoe’s floor mat systems, it’s a reality every business can experience.

From the harshness of snow, ice, and salt to the persistent moisture of melting snow and rain, floors undergo a lot. Not to mention the heightened risk of slips and falls among employees. Here at Roscoe, we eliminate these challenges with our floor mat systems. 

Reliable Floor Mat Rental and Maintenance

Our floor mat rental program takes the hassle out of keeping your facility safe, clean, and visually appealing in every season.

Our full-service rental includes:

  • Initial Walkthrough: We will evaluate all your facility’s entry points, high-traffic areas, and unique needs. We’ll provide recommendations on the optimal mats for each location and situation.
  • Custom Floor Mat System: Based on your facility assessment, we’ll customize the right floor mats and place them strategically throughout your building. This can include branded logo mats, Ulti-Mats, SuperBristle, and more.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: We will handle professional cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of your rental mats on a weekly or monthly basis. You’ll never have to worry about curling edges or trip hazards.
  • Seasonal Reevaluation: We understand your floor mat needs to change with the weather. We will meet with you quarterly to reassess and modify your custom floor mat system based on the conditions to ensure you get the proper protection year-round.

Our floor mat experts handle all the work while providing essential protection against winter weather and year-round grime. Focus on your business operations while we ensure your facility floors are clean, dry, and safe for employees and customers alike.

Floor Mat Systems Protect Flooring Against Corrosion and Warping

Salt, grime, and excess moisture brought in on shoes can seriously damage flooring and finishes. Salt from ice melt contains chemicals that stain and corrode tile, concrete, and other floor materials. Excess moisture from snow and ice can seep into flooring, causing swelling, buckling, and warped surfaces. Salt, sand, and grime also scratch and scrape away sealants, waxes, and glossy finishes. The cost to repair significant damage can easily run into the thousands.

But our floor mat systems form a critical protective barrier between outdoor contaminants and your unprotected floors. Our custom floor mats, Ulti-Mats, SuperBristle, and scraper mats prevent up to 95% of damaging winter contaminants from ever reaching your vulnerable floors. Keep floors pristine while defending against whatever this winter brings.

Our Floor Mats Trap Dirt, Salt, and Moisture

We offer several floor mat options that are perfectly suited for combating winter hazards.

  • Super Bristle Mats: These heavy-duty mats are the most abrasive in the industry. The combination of stiff bristles and plush carpet pile scrapes away snow, ice, and salt from shoes and traps all remaining moisture. The nylon fibers won’t crush down over time. Super Bristle Mats stop up to 50% more contaminants from getting tracked through your facility.
  • Ulti-Mats: The raised borders on these mats contain melting snow, salt mixtures, and any other liquids – preventing them from seeping off the mat. The Super Bristle construction also allows Ulti-Mats to scrape away and absorb moisture and debris. The water-proof design makes these ideal for snowy and slushy conditions.
  • Custom Scraper Mats: These heavy-duty rubber mats can be placed right inside entrances to provide that critical first line of defense. The durable rubber material scrapes away packed snow and ice, while the raised grooves trap salt, sand, and dirt. We can customize these with hole punches for drainage or your company logo.

Strategically using Super Bristle, Ulti-Mats, and Scraper Mats at all entrances and transition areas will stop snow, ice, salt, and mud from being tracked throughout your building. 

Reduce Slip and Fall Injuries Among Employees

Wet and dirty floors are the leading cause of slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace. According to OSHA, slip and fall accidents account for about 25% of all workplace injuries. Liberty Mutual Insurance reports that slip and fall accidents cost U.S. businesses over $10.5 billion annually.

Our slip-resistant floor mats provide needed traction at entrances and in transition areas. The beveled edges on our mats also help prevent trip hazards. A comprehensive floor mat system is a simple and effective way to improve winter workplace safety.

Let Us Help You This Winter

Don’t let winter floor damage and slip and fall risks go unchecked. Trust our expert floor mat rental program to provide protection exactly where you need it. Reduce maintenance costs, improve safety, and reinforce your brand this winter season. Contact us today to implement a customized floor mat rental system tailored to your business.

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