Kick Flu Season to the Curb With A Facility Service Program from Roscoe

Kick flu season with Roscoe's facility service programs

The flu isn’t just an inconvenience; it poses a significant threat to businesses every year. The disruption it causes can decimate productivity and strain operations. The CDC’s highlighting of the flu season’s peak between December through February should be a clarion call to businesses: preemptive action is essential. The key? Ensuring a rigorous hygiene regimen in the workplace. Roscoe, with its comprehensive suite of facility services, offers an efficient roadmap to fortify your workplace against the flu season.

Up Your Hand Hygiene Game with Roscoe

During flu season, viruses linger everywhere, waiting for a lapse in hygiene. A simple oversight, like inadequate handwashing, can open the doors to an outbreak. Roscoe’s hand hygiene solutions are not just about cleanliness but about creating a fortress against the flu. With our top-of-the-line soaps and sanitizers, businesses provide employees with the first line of defense against contagions, making the workplace safer during peak flu season.

Guard Your Floors: Branded Floor Mat Rentals and Mop Rentals

Did you know that flu viruses can be tracked into your workplace from outside? Every footfall can potentially bring in pathogens. Roscoe’s floor mats don’t just trap dirt; they act as barriers, catching and minimizing the spread of harmful germs. In addition, keeping floors pristine with our mop rental services ensures a reduction in spaces where flu viruses can thrive. It’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about creating an environment where the flu has no place to hide.

Dry Hands, Safe Hands: Paper Towels and Dryers

Damp hands can also be conduits for the flu, making effective drying essential. Roscoe provides businesses with top-tier hand-drying solutions. Our touch-only dispensing systems minimize cross-contamination, ensuring hands are both dry and sanitary. With their durability, professional design, compact jumbo rolls, and proactive inventory management, Roscoe stands as the top trusted choice in Chicago. Further enhancing our commitment, our cloth roll towels offer an absorbent alternative, emphasizing quality and cleanliness. In the realm of workplace hand hygiene, Roscoe consistently delivers excellence.

Tidy Up with Towel Rentals

During flu season, every surface becomes a potential hotspot for the virus. Roscoe’s towels, always clean and always top-quality, ensure these surfaces remain sanitized, reducing the risk of virus spread. By opting for our towel rental program, businesses ensure they are armed with tools that actively combat the flu’s spread.

Investing in a Facility Service Rental Program: Why it Matters

In the thick of flu season, ad hoc measures won’t suffice. What’s needed is a systematic approach that guarantees consistency in hygiene. Roscoe’s Facility Service Rental Program is tailor-made for this. Not only does it provide cost-saving benefits, but it ensures a consistently fortified environment against the flu.

Join Hands with Roscoe: Protect Your Work Environment and Stay Ahead of Flu Season.

Flu season, with its potential for disruption, is an annual challenge. But with Roscoe’s meticulous facility services, it becomes an obstacle that businesses are well-equipped to navigate. Every product and service is another layer of defense against the flu. As the flu season draws near, don’t just brace for it – strategize against it. With Roscoe by your side, let’s turn the tide against the flu, creating workplaces that remain vibrant, productive, and, most importantly, healthy.

This flu season, let Roscoe be your shield. With our comprehensive facility service program, we offer more than products; we provide peace of mind. Contact us today and fortify your business against the flu. Together, we can create an environment where business thrives, and flu doesn’t stand a chance.

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