Learn How Roscoe Ensures Work Uniform Quality & Longevity

The Yellow Bag Program: Learn How Roscoe Ensures Work Uniform Quality & Longevity

In the world of work uniform rentals, ensuring the longevity and quality of garments is of utmost importance.

Here at Roscoe, our team inspects every garment by hand before going into the wash. By performing this inspection, we catch 95% of all repairs before the customer knows they need to be made.

However, given the demands of our customers’ industries, wear & tear on employee uniforms while on the job is bound to happen. This is where our Yellow Bag Program comes in.

What Are The Yellow Bags For?

The Yellow Bag Program is part of our Roscoe communication station that hangs in the locker room of our customers’ facilities. The yellow bags are the way the uniform wearer tells Roscoe that they need a repair or alteration to a specific garment.  

Traditionally in the uniform rental industry, companies would use a tag with a string that would go around a button, waist loop, or zipper. The issue with these repair tags is they often slip off or even go through the wash process unnoticed and return on the clean garment.

With the Yellow Bag Program, the wearer will take the garment needing attention, place it in the yellow bag, and indicate on the outside of the bag what needs attention. Then they place the bag in a designated soil area to be picked up.

Our Garment Repair Process

When a Route Service Representative picks up the soiled merchandise and sees a yellow bag, they immediately recognize that they have a garment that requires repair.

They will affix a safety pin through the barcode as a safeguard, then the garment will be scanned into our system as needing repair. Once it is in our facility to be processed, it will take a different path than the rest of the garments.

Once washed it will immediately be routed to our repair station for mending and repair. Should this process fail before the garments can be sent out for delivery to the customer, the safety pin will alert us to check the garment to make sure the repair was made.

Our Commitment To Quality Customer Service

By proactively addressing repairs and alterations, Roscoe ensures that our customers receive garments that are in optimal condition, bolstering their professional image and overall confidence.

The Yellow Bag Program is a testament to Roscoe’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality garments and services and exceeding customer expectations in the uniform rental industry.

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