Keeping Essential Businesses Safe and Productive

TRSA certified hygienically clean

As a local, family-owned work uniform provider, at Roscoe, there has never been much separation between our customers and our community.

It feels especially true now as we find ourselves in the role of helping essential businesses and industries stay safe and productive in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat.

Our customers work in food and medical manufacturing, health and veterinary clinics, transportation and warehousing operations all across the Chicago area. Together they are helping ensure that the vital work of providing food, medical supplies, healthcare, and other essential goods and services can move forward with minimal disruption.

Our job is to make sure that in the midst of all of the other challenges they are facing – worrying about having a reliable, hygienically clean supply of garments, towels, mats and restroom supplies is not one of them.

Helping other people get to work is our job in ordinary times too, and we take pride in doing it. But these are not ordinary times and we believe it’s important to let our customers, our vendors and the entire Roscoe family know what we’re doing to ensure the safety and well-being of all of you during this extraordinary crisis.

We’re Protecting Our Customers and our Community

Additional procedures for the loading and unloading of deliveries include extra steps to our procedures for sanitizing our trucks and other equipment. Our drivers have also been provided with personal protective equipment including disposable gloves, safety goggles and respirators, and are practicing social distancing. We have also instructed all of our employees to stay home if they have any symptoms or believe they have been exposed to the coronavirus.

We have also instituted extra processes for the handling and segregation of contaminated or potentially contaminated merchandise at our facility.

These precautions are in addition to the hygienically clean techniques and industry best practices that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the TRSA have found to be effective at neutralizing the COVID-19 virus from soiled textiles.

While we have reviewed, updated and implemented additional precautions based on the latest information from the CDC, TRSA and our supplier partners – and will continue to do so as new information becomes available – we have deep expertise in the washing, drying and handling of textiles for sensitive industries like food manufacturing and healthcare.

Our certification as a hygienically clean provider is a designation that requires layers of processes, testing and expertise and independent laboratory proof of effectiveness. The processes and practices that go into the hygienically clean designation are well-studied and built on multiple mechanisms including water temperature and chemical formulation.

In addition to the virus and bacteria-killing properties already part of the normal industrial wash processes, we have modified our formulas so that all textiles leaving the wash floor now meet additional standards. Along with multiple kill points for viruses and bacteria throughout the building, this provides an added layer of protection for our team members as well.

We’re Protecting our Team Members

The health and safety of Roscoe team members is a priority and we have taken steps to ensure that they understand the best ways to keep themselves safe and healthy as we continue to operate as an essential business. We are in close communication with our customers and have asked them to notify us immediately of any suspected or actual COVID-19 exposure among their employees so that we can take additional measures to protect our team.

Other preventive measures include:

  • New signage educating and reminding people about safe hand washing
  • Practicing “social distancing” by reducing the number of team members on break or lunch at the same time and reducing the number of team members attending meetings
  • The provision of additional personal protective equipment to team members on the front lines of exposure – Route Service Reps, Soiled Dock Operators and Wash Floor Operators
  • The isolation of soiled merchandise, yellow bags, and paperwork
  • The limiting of visitors to all but essential personnel and suppliers
  • All team members are required to wear masks and we are making additional masks available for team members to share with their family members

At Roscoe, we will continue to closely monitor all developments and any additional safety recommendations as they become available – and to share them with our customers, suppliers and team members.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you.

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