Floor Mats Put Your Branding Where Everybody Will See It

Logo Mat Feature

Floor mats are an important part of workplace safety. But they’re also a high visibility spot for promoting your brand.

People use sight to assist in navigating terrain, which means we spend a lot of time looking at the floor. We look down when crossing thresholds, navigating stairs, crossing a busy sidewalk, and even when we step on mats.

With Roscoe’s branded mat products, you can get even more out of your floor mat system with high definition images and messaging on a variety of mats, including long bristle and coffee mats.

Floor mats serve an important purpose in the workplace, protecting employees and visitors from slip and fall injuries, maintaining cleanliness and air quality, and reducing fatigue for employees who spend a lot of time on their feet. Add a logo or image and you can add branding to the list as well. Our customized logo mats can also include safety messages as an additional way to promote social distancing or other safety practices. With high quality images and logo reproduction, there’s no reason not to let your floor mats do more.

A Mat That Does Its Job and Then Some

Here are a few ways to incorporate a branded mat into your work environment.

Introduce yourself: Place a logo mat by all entrances to greet customers with a branded message

Offsite marketing: Use branded logo mats at tradeshows and events

Promote your brand wherever you use floor mats: Place an eye-catching brand mat next to a coffee station to add a personalized touch to amenities


With a wide variety of mats available for logo printing, your branded mats still do the important health and safety work of a high-quality mat system:

  • Preventing dirt, dust or water from being tracked through office space
  • Keeping equipment running smoothly by reducing the dust and static electricity that can harm equipment
  • Reducing workplace injuries with no-slip Nitrile rubber backing that reduces curling and movement
  • Increasing worker productivity and comfort with anti-fatigue properties and design.

Flaunt Your Brand with High-Quality Logo Mats

With custom floor mat systems and assistance in design, we can offer guidance and on-going support to ensure that you’ve got the right mats in the right spots throughout your workplace, and that they are kept clean and in good repair.

We pick up and drop off the mats, inspecting them for wear and tear before returning them to you cleaned.

Want to see what your logo will look like on a floor mat? Give us a call or click on the link below to learn more.

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