4 Reasons to Use a Uniform Rental Program

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Maintaining hygiene and professionalism are key to success, and a uniform rental partner will ensure your employees look their best, day after day.

Relying on employees for the maintenance, laundering, and general upkeep of their uniforms can lead to inconsistent hygiene and professionalism.

Outsourcing uniform management to a uniform rental service alleviates the stress of worrying whether your employees will show up looking their best. With a professional laundering partner, hygiene, safety, and professionalism are managed for you.

Here are the top 4 reasons companies choose to use a uniform rental partner.

1. Company Image

When it comes to service-based industries, looking clean and professional matters – a lot. But the benefits of a professional look go beyond uniform upkeep and maintenance.

With a rental uniform program, you can brand uniforms with a company logo, increasing the awareness of your organization. This visibility builds consumer confidence and an increased level of trust with uniformed employees from a familiar brand.

2. Employee Safety

A uniform rental program offers properly fitted garments, flame-resistant and visibility uniforms, and more, but it also adds increased safety during a pandemic. Rather than taking home a potentially contaminated garment, employees leave their uniforms at work to be professionally laundered and returned.

Uniforms can also enhance security by making it easy to distinguish visitors from employees.

3. Hygiene and Health

A professional and hygienically clean certified laundering partner will monitor the microbial levels in garments to reduce the risk of spreading potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Wash chemistry is carefully monitored to remove pathogens, further protecting your employees from viruses such as COVID-19. For employees in food production and medical industries, this guarantee of hygiene is critical.

4. Convenience

Relying on your employees to launder and maintain company uniforms is risky, but it’s also time consuming. A uniform rental program relieves your employees and managers of this burden with a partner that is reliable and responsive.

Taking Pride in a Job Well Done

 At Roscoe, we talk a lot about pride. Our company motto, “Take Pride,” reflects a culture of community and a commitment to excellence for our customers, but it also serves a greater purpose. PRIDE is the acronym Roscoe uses for its Mission & Quality Statement:

  • Proactive account management. Our goal is continuous improvement in providing a work uniform service you never have to think about.
  • Responsive to customers. We work closely with our clients, quickly responding to questions or concerns.
  • Impeccable condition and cleanliness. Roscoe provides customers with merchandise that not only represents their company well, but is hygienically clean and safe.
  • Deliveries in total and on time. We keep our word, delivering clean and repaired uniforms at the agreed delivery time.
  • Efficient and accurate billing. Transparency is key, and we ensure our customers understand what they are paying for, and are getting a good value.

As a family-owned and operated business, we care deeply about serving our clients with the attention and care we would want in a partner. Learn more about our uniform rental program by contacting us through the link below.

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