A Favorite Tradition Keeps the Roscoe Work Family Coming Together Year after Year


Roscoe Service Supervisor Bob Olivera was astounded at the turnout when he entered the restaurant for his 20-year work anniversary celebration recently

But it’s a Roscoe tradition; our 20-Year-Club members return year after year. Long after they’ve retired from the company, they return to help celebrate the new members of the club.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” said Olivera. “People who retired 20 years ago still come to the dinner. Once you get inducted, it is a lifetime thing. We will all be there next year with the next bunch of buddies.”

The annual event at a local steakhouse brings together existing members of the club to celebrate the newest team members to reach their 20-year anniversaries with the company.


“It is a huge point of pride that so many good people have not only chosen to build a career at Roscoe, but also genuinely love the work they do.”

-Roscoe President Jim Buik

This year’s inductees also included Service Team Leader Jeff DeLazzer and team members Jesse Espinosa, Art Branch and Derrick Laws.  Team members Wayne Wasion and his wife Sally Wasion, who retired recently after 15 and 18 years with the company respectively, were made honorary members.

The new inductees each received a plaque as their work family stood and clapped. For Olivera, who started as a driver and worked his way up to supervisor at Roscoe, the celebration was a proud moment.

A “Second Family” on the Job for Roscoe Team Members

“This is my second family,” Olivera says. “I like it here and there is no place I’d rather be. Working with friends makes the day go by faster. Everybody gets along. It’s a nice environment to work in.”

Olivera, who supervises a group of Route Service Representatives who deliver throughout Chicago, says his favorite part of the day is when the drivers return and he can see everybody.

He also enjoys his Tuesday through Friday schedule. A four-day workweek is like having a holiday every weekend, he says.

Olivera also had kind words for Roscoe’s third-generation owner and President Jim Buik. Buik “took great care of employees during the pandemic,” providing personal protective equipment and looking after the health of team members, Olivera said.

Positive Feedback and Mentoring Help Drive Roscoe Careers

Olivera recalled meeting DeLazzer, his current supervisor and fellow 20-Year-Club inductee, on his first day on the job.

At the time, DeLazzer was a supervisor of another crew, but he reached out to Olivera.

“He made me feel welcome,” Olivera said.  “Ever since the day I started, he has been here for me.”

DeLazzer said he had a similar experience when he joined the company 21 years ago. “All of the team leaders and all of the supervisors work well with the front-line workers. There is a lot of positive feedback, a lot of acknowledgment of birthdays and anniversaries and a summer picnic. Everyone treats everyone with respect. Everyone’s opinions and voices are heard.”

DeLazzer says he loves working with Roscoe customers and making sure they are happy. The success of the company starts at the top with the example and culture established by Buik, he says.

“Everyone gets treated like a work family,” DeLazzer says. Buik “is really hands on. I can go to him any time I need advice or an answer.”

For his part, Buik says the admiration is mutual. “One of the biggest reasons we are able to celebrate 100 years in business this year is the dedication and talent of our team members. It is a huge point of pride that so many good people have not only chosen to build a career at Roscoe, but also genuinely love the work they do.”

Image: From left, Roscoe Team members Jeff DeLazzer, Art Branch, Bob Olivera and Derrick Laws

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