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Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace

Jim Buik - Friday, March 21, 2014

Slips, trips and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). This is parallel to a previous blog the Chicago uniform company wrote on OSHA’s Top Ten Most Cited Violations in 2013 with Fall Protection holding the number one spot with over 8,000 violations.

Even if a slip, trip or fall doesn’t end in a fatality it can be costly to a business and to the injured party with costs exceeding $11 billion. These costs can include loss of productivity and business, increased industrial insurance premiums, training replacement worker(s), medical and other legal fees.

Needless to say, it is not something you want your organization to be plagued by. The good news is that the majority of these floor level accidents could have been prevented. Especially since, over 50% of facility accidents can be attributed to the type of flooring used.

A recent prospect of the uniform company that can have up to 10,000 people in and out of their doors on a busy weekend had such an issue with slip and fall claims. Roscoe representatives conducted a walk-through analysis and advised on the products and placement necessary to make their building safer. The uniform company laid 18 Super Bristle Mats at all of their entranceways to cover the very slick epoxy floors causing slips and falls.

These Super Mats are unique in our market because few companies offer them and the uniform company offers them in sizes as large as 6X10, thus reducing the breadth of how many mats will need to be laid and offering complete coverage. Furthermore, these Super Mats are the most abrasive, stopping 60% more dirt and debris than traditional mats. These mats are so effective because they are made with a heat twist nylon that springs back after they are processed, intertwined with stiff bristles that help scrape dirt off shoes and dropping it to the bottom of the mat. Store bought mats are manufactured with yarn that gets matted down, leaving dirt to sit on top and then tracked across the building by foot traffic.

This mat also has a nitrile rubber backing that is flexible and allows it to lay flat and not crack or tear easily. Beveled edges also help make our mats ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant.

There are a plethora of reasons to rent versus purchase mats, besides the ones outlined above:

  • The uniform company services image, logo, super bristle, scraper and anti-fatigue mats completely by replacing soiled mats with freshly laundered mats on an agreed upon service frequency.
  • Store bought mats are usually thrown away annually or on a more frequent basis. Because Roscoe purchases the highest quality mats available and launders them on the regular, they usually last years beyond a store bought mat, filling up far less landfill space.
  • Roscoe makes the initial and ongoing investment.

The Chicago uniform company was able to help this prospect provide a safer, healthier and cost-effective work environment. Contact a Roscoe representative to find out more about the different types of mats and other facility products your business can benefit from.

Let’s continue to Take Pride in your image!

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