The Difference that Family Makes

Family-Owned & Operated Since 1921

Roscoe is proud to be a third – going on fourth-generation – family-owned and operated company, founded in 1921 by George C. Buik and J.P. O’Connell. Today, the company is run by George’s grandson, CEO Jim Buik, along with great-granddaughter Julia Buik.

“Take pride,” the company motto, reflects four generations of hard work, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a strong sense of community. And with an average tenure of 13 years, our team members, too, are a central part of our growing work family.

Here are a few of the family (business) traditions that have set the Roscoe team apart for very nearly 100 years.

A Tradition of Excellence

It’s no secret that local providers outperform national competitors in every area. In a study conducted by an independent firm, family-owned and local businesses provided higher quality and more customized services, along with better:

  • Value for Cost
  • Quality Personnel
  • Product Quality
  • Fair Billing

A Tradition of Holding Ourselves Accountable

Roscoe was built on the pride of a job well done. Since the early 1920s, our company has evolved, expanding our products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers and staying at the forefront of advances in technology. One thing that hasn’t changed however, is our commitment to our customers. The commitment to continuous improvement established by our founders lives on in the dedication of the team we have today. It’s a commitment that drives us to continually put our processes under the scrutiny of third-party audits and evaluations.

A Tradition of Commitment and Responsibility

Companies ranked as “Best Places to Work” have a few things in common, notably employees who are engaged and passionate about their work. At Roscoe, our employees stick around and make their careers with Roscoe, ensuring that we are a family business in a much broader sense as well. This is a key foundation of our continued growth and success. Roscoe team members share more than a workplace; we share a commitment to exemplary service. We care deeply about providing services that are:

A Tradition of Engagement and Support

Giving back to and supporting the Chicago community is a core value of Roscoe’s culture. We are involved in a wide variety of local charities and actively support our family of local businesses.  CEO Jim Buik is committed to ongoing support of both our community and our industry and plays active leadership roles in both. Because there’s more to running a family business than the bottom line.

In this regard, we are also incredibly grateful and proud to support the work of numerous organizations that provide mentoring, economic development and resources to promote the success of family businesses and small businesses across the Chicago area and beyond. These include the Illinois Small Business Advocacy Council, the Business Executives Association of Chicago, the Lawndale Business Renaissance Association, the Loyola Family Business Legacy Institute and DePaul University’s Entrepreneur and Family Business Council, among others.

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