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Roscoe CEO on Family Business Strategies for Managing Pandemic Challenges

Roscoe CEO Jim Buik shared his thoughts with readers of the Daily Herald’s Business Ledger recently on the strategies that have helped Roscoe manage the challenges of the coronavirus and that can help other family business owners minimize their disruption as well.

Among other assets he has been able to draw upon, Buik writes of the “close relationships among long-tenured team members” at Roscoe.

Those team members are like a second family within the business, Buik writes, and the trust that has built up between team leaders and frontline team members over decades is a big part of what has …


We’ve Got Our Repair Processes Buttoned Down

If you’ve ever walked out the door in the morning only to discover that a button has come loose on your shirt, or worse, that a zipper has started to lose its grip, you know how annoying it is to have to figure out some kind of fix on the fly. (Ahem.)

But not everyone can get by with a safety pin or a bit of masking tape creativity.  On a work uniform, a loose button is more than just an annoyance. It’s a distraction, and potentially, a work-stopping safety hazard.

A work uniform service that doesn’t have a buttoned-down …


Record-Breaking Customer Service and a Commitment to Do Even More

Roscoe’s business model is built around providing the highest quality of customer service – we take pride in growing our business through satisfied customers. We spend a lot of time thinking about ways we can improve and setting goals for continuous improvement. But what really matters is, what do our customers think?

We really want to know. It’s always nice to hear what we’re doing right – those things that drive our customer satisfaction numbers up. But we also want to know where our customers think we could do better so we can continue to identify opportunities for improvement.…


The Difference an Hour Can Make

Hourglass Outdoors - Sunlit Hourglass Or Sand Timer With A Background

Employees may be a little groggy and perhaps even late to work in the first few days after the clock moves forward for daylight saving time.

It’s only an hour, but it makes a difference. In fact, heart attacks and strokes tend to occur in greater frequency around the time shift, according to research cited in a New York Times story about efforts by some legislators to exempt their states from the practice.  At least 31 states have taken up proposals related to daylight savings, while two states, Hawaii and Arizona, already leave the clocks alone, staying on standard time


Roscoe Communication “Top 10” List

Roscoe Communication "Top 10" List

Guest Blog by Jeff DeLazzer


If you were to look up the word communication in the Webster dictionary this is what you would find:


1. The imparting or exchanging of information or news. “Direct communication between the two individuals will produce greater understanding.” Synonyms: transmission, disclosure, broadcasting

2. Means of connection between people or places, in particular.

These two definitions are interesting and true: “communicating to produce greater understanding.” The main goal is to convey and educate to achieve understanding and produce greater results. More than anything though, communication is about establishing a connection. Connections with our families, …