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Why Your Business Needs a High-Quality Floor Mat System

When it comes to makeshift floor protection and attempts to improve safety, we’ve seen it all.

From cheap, store-bought mats that buckle, curl and tear, to cardboard covering the floor, to what appears to have become permanent wet floor signs … all used in areas where a rental floor mat, which is cleaned and exchanged on a regular basis, would have been a much better solution.  

What’s So Bad About Store-Bought Mats?

Store-bought mats typically don’t last long and become trip hazards when they start to curl, crack, buckle, and tear. And because they are not cleaned professionally, for


Roscoe IT Team Leader and Fourth-Generation Buik Family Member Graduates from Industry Executive Training

Roscoe IT Team Leader Julia Buik, a fourth-generation member of Roscoe’s founding family, has graduated from the industry association’s executive training institute.

A second Roscoe team member, District Service Manager Sergio Peña, has completed his third year of the four-year program.

The Executive Management Institute program (EMI), operated by the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), offers professionals in the uniform and textile industry a unique leadership training curriculum along with an opportunity to network and create lasting relationships with industry peers.

Buik said her experience was heightened by the fact that the program is one her father, Roscoe President and …