Auto Repair Work Uniforms

Auto repair work uniforms from Roscoe ensure your employees get the highest quality and cleanest work uniforms available in the Chicago area. If you’re tired of dealing with work uniform problems or are ready to start a work uniform program for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. We ensure that managing work uniforms doesn’t become your second job by taking care of all the fitting, delivery and logistics so you can have more time serving your customers.

Service You Can Trust

Mechanics, body shops, tire repair, and muffler shops have all relied upon Roscoe since 1921 for work uniforms, including traditional work shirts and pants, denim jeans and shirts, and coveralls. Our cutting-edge washing system ensures the utmost cleanliness, and helps ensure your uniforms will always be free of oil, grease and everything else. Your uniforms will never get lost because we’ve invested in the most advanced auto sorting system in the industry. Being ISO 9001:2015 certified also ensures the consistency of our service to prevent unpleasant surprises for you. Considering the normal wear and tear automotive work uniforms endure, we offer a garment maintenance program that eliminates early replacement fees to avoid large, unexpected invoice spikes. You can also outfit your front office employees with the latest corporate apparel. From custom rental programs and embroidery to reliable delivery and timely uniform repair, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never be plagued by missing garments, threadbare and stained work uniforms nor questionable billing practices.

Additional Rental Services

We also rent and launder other products that ensure employee safety and hygiene, including floor mats, shop towels, dust mops, and wet mops. With our restroom supply service, you’ll never run out of out of toilet paper, towels, hand soap, sanitizer, mops, and cleaning supplies. Our anti-fatigue mats also reduce the stress for employees working on their feet all day. Contact us for a quote or to learn more about auto repair work uniforms

Traditional Garments | Auto Repair Work Uniforms | Roscoe Chicago

Work uniforms, laundered and delivered by a reliable partner like Roscoe, ensure the safety of your workers, increase morale and maximize productivity. >>

Coveralls & Protective Clothing | Auto Repair Work Uniforms | Roscoe Chicago

Roscoe offers a wide range of protective clothing from coveralls and overalls to lab coats and work bibs. Roscoe’s cover garments are sturdy and ready for any job. >>

Casual / Executive | Auto Repair Work Uniforms | Roscoe Chicago

Don’t be out-classed by your competitors! Corporate apparel is a great way to dress your whole company. Roscoe’s corporate apparel is not for the factory. >>

Shop Towels & Fender Covers

Roscoe offers a wide range of absorbent and durable towel options. Depending on your requirements, we offer reusable towels in sizes to suit your specific needs.>>

Mops | Roscoe Chicago

Commercial mops from Roscoe can be an extremely affordable way to save on your cleaning supplies. >>

Casual / Executive | Roscoe Chicago

A floor mat system is one of the best investments you can make in your business. The Roscoe Company is Chicago’s leading provider of commercial mats and so much more. >>

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats: Commercial & Industrial Employee fatigue significantly reduces productivity. Roscoe’s anti-fatigue mats keep employees comfortable and productive >>

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Roscoe’s restroom floor mats are perfectly sized to catch and contain all splashes and drips, providing a drier, safer floor surface. >>

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Whether you’re looking for hand sanitizer, hand soaps or foam soaps, we offer a great selection of hand cleansers. >>

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Introducing FreshSeat, the world’s first toilet seat cleaner. Just hold some tissue under the dispenser, press the button, and wipe the seat clean. >>

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The Roscoe Company offers a wide range of restroom facility services including paper towels and tissues for offices and workplace restrooms. >>

Odor Control | Hygiene Services | Roscoe Chicago

The Roscoe Company offers a wide range of facilities hygiene and restroom maintenance supplies including deodorizers and auto flushers. >>

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