Floor Mat Rental Service

Custom, Rubber, Anti-Fatigue & More

Locally and family owned since 1921, The Roscoe Company has been helping companies deliver a better image to their customers and employees with custom floor mat rentals. Our Mat Systems Division is dedicated to bringing responsive customer service and high-quality products to customers who demand the best.

Mat Systems

A Mat System is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Image mats from Roscoe can be custom made with your logo, offering a great way to welcome customers and show off your brand!

  • Mats save money in building maintenance by capturing much of the dirt that would damage carpet and floor finishes, and reducing cleaning labor costs
  • Mats keep equipment running smoothly by reducing the dust and static electricity that can harm equipment
  • Mats reduce workplace injuries with heavy Nitril rubber backing that reduces curling and movement
  • Mats increase worker safety and comfort with anti-fatigue properties and design. Safety Message Mats also promote safety
  • Mats reinforce your company’s image by reducing dirt tracked into your business and providing an attractive entrance, especially with a logo mat

Why Choose Roscoe Mats?

  • Differentiation: Roscoe’s Premium Mats are completely unique and will create a different look in your place of business, providing you with a competitive edge
  • Function: Premium Mats sit closer to door frames to eliminate exposed tile or carpet
  • Aesthetics: More pleasing to the eye. Produces a dressier, professional, and less industrial look

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Anti-Fatigue Mats: Commercial & Industrial

Employee fatigue significantly reduces productivity. Roscoe’s anti-fatigue mats keep employees comfortable and productive


Custom Commercial Floor Mat Systems

A Mat System is one of the best investments you can make in your business. The Roscoe Company is Chicago’s leading provider of commercial mats and so much more.


Custom Floor Mats: 7 Reasons We Take PRIDE in Our Mats

We offer the widest variety of standard colors and sizes in the market. Our special order mats are available in unlimited dimensions, shapes, and colors.


Image & Round Corner Floor Mats

Roscoe image floor and door mats protect your floors or carpets and greet visitors and employees with a variety of designs.


Logo & Custom Mats

Roscoe custom embroidered floor mats help promote your company’s image and build brand strength with attractive mats.


Restroom Floor Mats

Roscoe’s Restroom Floor Mats are unique, one of a kind, scented floor mats designed to address the age-old dilemma of splash, drips, and complete misses that cause stains and more.


Reusable Absorbent Carpets

Roscoe’s reusable absorbent carpets are quick-drying, effectively soaking up contaminants, such as water and condensation, hydraulic fluids, coolants, oils, inks and solvents.


Rubber Floor & Door Scraper Mats

The completely washable all-rubber floor mats from Roscoe stop the heaviest of dirt outside the door, and are ideal for spillage areas, locker rooms and work stations.


Safety, Quality & Coffee Mats

Protect floors and carpets from coffee, cream and sugar spills while providing a safer, cleaner environment with Roscoe.


Super Bristle Floor Mats & Ulti-Mats

Roscoe’s bristle floor mat range is available in four colors, the Super Bristle and Ulit-Mats will complement your existing mat inventory and is ideal for all entrances.