Work Uniforms Success Story: Truck Center

Work Uniforms Success Story: Truck Center

After being awarded the uniform rental business at their newest facility less than a year ago, Roscoe now provides rental services to all of their Chicagoland locations for one of the largest truck dealership and service centers in the Midwest because of our strengths in processes and personnel, and our attention to detail.


As a newer member of the Roscoe family of customers, this truck service center has 400 team members across ten locations throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. They initially became a Roscoe customer for work uniform rental services in October 2015 with 40 wearers at one of four Chicago facilities, including both executive garments and work uniforms for technicians, drivers, warehouse employees, service advisors, and countermen. We were told that if we proved ourselves at this initial location, we would also acquire their business at three additional facilities in the Chicago area.

Work Uniform RFID Scanning Process

A general manager of the truck service center toured Roscoe in February of this year to see everything that goes on behind the scenes and to meet the folks at Roscoe that take care of their needs. He observed our scan out process in the picture to the right.

Very few work uniform rental companies, if any, go through the same process as we do of scanning garments into our system, tracking them through special handling and then scanning them out prior to delivery. After scanning out, Roscoe runs an “Exception Report” that identifies if a garment was scanned into our system, but not scanned out ready for delivery. When we encounter an exception, it’s all hands on deck to find the missing garment(s) before delivery day.

If other companies in our industry do employ barcode and RFID tracking with their garments, they typically only scan the garments in as being received. To the best of our knowledge, nobody except Roscoe scans in, tracks special handling and scans out prior to delivery. This is but one differentiator that sets Roscoe apart from other work uniform rental companies.

Expansion of Services

Thanks to our entire Team and processes like the example above, we exceeded the truck service center’s expectations at our first location, which allowed us to recently acquire services for the other three locations. With all four locations secured, we now service over 200 employees with work uniforms. See below for the level of service the truck service centers were getting prior to working with us and what they now experience.

While we are proud of our success with this truck service center, this is par for the course. We have hundreds of customers that are equally satisfied, which is why our customer satisfaction and retention rates are higher than industry average and why they also ask us to provide custom mats, shop towels, mops, restroom cleaning supplies, and more than just work uniforms.

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Roscoe vs. Previous Work Uniform Rental Company

Previous Issues

  • Uniforms were often not returned the following week after being turned in for processing
  • The previous work uniform supplier provided temporary substitute garments in some cases, but in the wrong size
  • When uniforms were flagged for repair, they were often returned without addressing the request
  • It often took 3-4 requests before a repair was completed
  • There were also no repair cards in the locker room to communicate needed garment maintenance
  • Uniforms were not replaced as needed
  • Clean uniforms in lockers were wet
  • The previous supplier may have been washing just in time where uniforms are delivered wet shortly after being processed
  • No separation of soiled garments potentially causing cross-contamination/staining
  • Lockers dented/broken, some were left open and labels were hand written versus computer generated
  • Additionally, hangers were piled on top of lockers and hanger totes were full
  • Not all wearers were assigned lockers and some garments were hanging on a unsecured rack in the restroom
  • Emblems puckering from being sewn onto garment

Roscoe Difference

  • With our barcode and RFID tracking system, it is rare that uniforms are not returned the following delivery
  • If we recognize that we created a shortage, we provide a temp so our customers are not short garments, however this is a rare occurrence
  • When we are notified, repairs are completed and returned the following delivery
  • We provide yellow bags to put garments in that need attention versus repair cards that often fall off the garment designated for repair
  • We check to make sure there is an ample supply of yellow bags each delivery
  • We also check every garment when turned in for processing for necessary repairs and 98% of all repairs completed are done without the customer even having to notify us
  • Every garment is inspected when turned in for processing for possible replacement
  • Garments may be replaced at any time with no additional charges
  • All garments issued will always be brand new for replacements, size changes and new hires
  • Due to our pants having side elastic inserts, size changes are reduced, but when they are necessary there are no additional charges
  • Our uniforms are typically ready for delivery 2-3 days prior to the actual delivery day (they are washed the morning after being picked up soiled)
  • Any excess moisture that may be left in the garments after washing has plenty of time to evaporate prior to delivery
  • We have supplied and labeled separate lockers for the executive shirts, light grey shirts and 2-tone shirts
  • Without this separation of soiled garments, it is very likely that greases and oils found on mechanic’s pants/shirts will stain executive shirts and the light grey driver’s shirts
  • We affix computer printed labels on the in/outside of all locker openings
  • We have a team member whose responsibilities include repair of lockers
  • Each week when making deliveries, your route service representative will close all lockers before leaving, pick up hangers, remove full hanger totes, replenish yellow bags and call in any necessary maintenance needed on lockers
  • We supply enough clean storage lockers for all uniform wearers
  • Our emblems have a glue backing and we affix them with heat and pressure versus sewing them onto shirts
  • When sewing, puckering will often occur as the thread used to sew emblems will never match the garment fabric and they will shrink at different rates causing a puckering around the emblem when sewn onto garment
  • Emblems also stay affixed to garment when heat-sealed properly versus coming detached when sewn

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