We’ve Got Our Repair Processes Buttoned Down

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If you’ve ever walked out the door in the morning only to discover that a button has come loose on your shirt, or worse, that a zipper has started to lose its grip, you know how annoying it is to have to figure out some kind of fix on the fly. (Ahem.)

But not everyone can get by with a safety pin or a bit of masking tape creativity.  On a work uniform, a loose button is more than just an annoyance. It’s a distraction, and potentially, a work-stopping safety hazard.

A work uniform service that doesn’t have a buttoned-down system of repair and replacement is a work uniform service that doesn’t work.

Nothing Gets Past Our Expert Spotters

At Roscoe, we’ve been perfecting our system of repair for more than nine decades, with an inspection process that subjects every single garment to careful scrutiny. Wobbly buttons and weak seams have nowhere to hide when they hit our line of sharp-eyed inspectors at the hanging station.

“They know where to look for the little tears” and other problems that could easily be missed by a less diligent team, says Production Team Leader Miriam Avila. Roscoe garment inspectors, in fact, are rewarded for their ability to find problems. “It’s not how fast you can hang, it’s how many repairs you can find,” Avila says.

In a High-Quality Work Uniform Program, Every Button Matters

Our state-of-the-art sorting system has added a new layer of efficiency to the repair process, streamlining and tracking a garment’s process, whether it’s moving on for delivery or being diverted for extra attention. When a needed repair is spotted, a tap of a foot pedal automatically flags and reroutes the garment for repair or replacement. When replacement is called for, the system automatically generates a work order in our stockroom.

Other garments are on track for repairs even before they arrive. Under our yellow bag program, clients can send a garment for repair by putting it into a yellow repair bag and writing instructions on the outside. Route service representatives use hand-held scanners to scan the garment and enter repair or replacement instructions into the system. They also call it in, to let the team know that a yellow bag is on its way. It’s a deliberately redundant system designed to keep garments in top condition and ensure that our clients do not experience shortages while a garment is being repaired or replaced.

While our team finds 98% of repair issues internally, the yellow bag program adds an extra layer of service and accuracy.

When repairs are completed, garments are returned with a two-part ticket, so that both the wearer and the uniform coordinator are informed of the repairs that have been made. The employee’s ticket also includes a postage-paid postcard with three survey questions designed to gauge the level of satisfaction.

Quality Control Down to the Last Stitch

It might seem like an awful lot of fuss to be made over a button or a hem, but these are not small things to our clients. These are the kind of details that distinguish a work uniform company that provides solutions from a work uniform company that just provides you with clothes. We believe it’s our job to take care of the details, so our clients can take care of running their businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about what a program of high-quality work uniform solutions could do for your business, give us a call or click on the link below. To see our repair team in action, take our video tour here.

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