The Right Floor Mat System for Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Safe

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By Sergio Peña, District Service Manager

As a District Service Manager and 15-year member of the Roscoe Team, I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of customers over the years, beginning as a Route Service Representative. And while our work uniforms are the “meat and potatoes” of this business, as my supervisor once told me, I have also spent a lot of time helping customers take care of their floors as well.

As an industry veteran, I know that appearance matters. That includes what you see when you’re looking down. Floor mats are an important part of maintaining the cleanliness, safety and professional appearance of your workplace and everywhere I go, I can’t help but notice how businesses take care of their floors.

I cannot tell you how many times I have told my wife, “Hey, Carolina, look at those competitor mats,” or “Look at the slip hazards waiting to happen.” It’s a habit built over many years in this industry helping customers ensure that they are making the right impression from the moment someone walks through their doors.

Invest in Safety and Professionalism from the Ground Up

At Roscoe, we recommend the use of a Mat System, which is a series of four mats placed at key locations throughout the workplace. The right system is an investment in the safety, cleanliness and image of a business. But it has to be right and that’s what our customers get – we make sure to get it right the first time. I tend to look at current and new accounts as a blank canvas. How can we better service them – not just to add mats for the heck of it, but to add them where they are really needed.

I like to start with the employee entrance and install a Scraper Mat. This mat really does a great job as a first line of defense against dirt and debris getting tracked into the building. Second, I approach them with a Super Bristle or UltiMat, which have powerful bristles for removing and trapping dirt, rain, salt, and snow around main entrances. Moving into the building, I recommend an Image Mat that complements their floor or wall color. Lastly, referencing their business card, I suggest a Logo Mat with their company name, logo, and/or a unique business slogan or catch phrase.

When my team and I use this approach for our accounts, we know we are providing them with a system that will leave their workplace cleaner, safer and more professional looking, from the very first step through their doors.

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Image: From top to bottom, samples of our logo mat, image mat, super bristle mat and scraper mat.

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