The Difference an Hour Can Make

Employees may be a little groggy and perhaps even late to work in the first few days after the clock moves forward for daylight saving time.

It’s only an hour, but it makes a difference. In fact, heart attacks and strokes tend to occur in greater frequency around the time shift, according to research cited in a New York Times story about efforts by some legislators to exempt their states from the practice.  At least 31 states have taken up proposals related to daylight savings, while two states, Hawaii and Arizona, already leave the clocks alone, staying on standard time all year.

As a political issue, it’s not the stuff of great drama. But nobody in business would doubt the seriousness of any debate arising around the loss or gain of an hour. An hour is no small thing.

Customer Service That Respects Customer Time

At Roscoe, we know how valuable an hour is. Our clients depend on us so that they can have more of them to focus on what they do best. We provide high quality work uniforms to our customers but in many ways we are really in the time business.  Have you ever had to wait more than an hour for a response to a customer service issue? How many hours of your life do you think you have spent on hold listening to elevator music, pre-recorded messages or an automated attendant? We don’t ever want to be the source of that kind of aggravation to our clients.

At Roscoe, we’ve invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology that tracks, cleans and sorts uniforms in a fraction of the time it once required. But we’re just as proud of the fact that our customer service standards include a one-hour response time. If you call, email or leave us a voicemail during normal business hours, if we can’t provide an immediate resolution, it’s our policy to get back to you within an hour. Because we know how important an hour is to our clients.

How Does Your Work Uniform Service Compare?

Daylight saving conventions aside, you can’t get back an hour spent trying to solve a problem with your work uniform program. With Roscoe you won’t have to. Our customer satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the industry due in part to proactive systems to reduce issues from arising – and quick response when our customers do contact us. Our job is to make every hour of your job a little bit easier by providing a high quality work uniform program you never have to think about.

You’ve got bigger things to do with your hours. To learn more about how we can help, call us or click on the link below.

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