Roscoe Sends Two More Leaders to TRSA EMI

Roscoe Sends Two More Leaders to TRSA EMI

Created by the Institute of Industrial Launderers (IIL), renamed the Uniform Textile Services Association (UTSA) and then ultimately merged with Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), the Executive Management Institute (EMI) has become the most heralded professional management development program in the industry’s history for managers in all areas of textile care operations. EMI develops the management and leadership skills of students by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of successful management principles and practices relevant to textile care operations. This understanding improves both individual and business management performance.

Since its inception 51 years ago, The Roscoe Company has sent over 30 team members and emerging leaders to EMI as an investment in their future, and the company overall. This year, we sent two employees. We asked them to describe their experience in their own words.

Barbara: Office Team Leader

“I’m in the third year now when you learn a lot about yourself and where you fit in with the corporate world.

“Year 1 was more about thinking out-of-the-box. When I first came into management, I was just going to follow the routine in order but now I’m able to put a different spin on it, rise to more challenges and to think about how to implement improvements.

“Year 2 was to understand the purpose of thinking out-of-the-box, working as part of a team and coming to a common conclusion even with disagreements. It’s an opportunity to work with other companies in our industry who have the same goals. We came together even with competitors on a project. The instructor gave us a deserted island scenario and we had to work together and prioritize items needed for survival. We learned how to work out differences of opinion.

“Year 3 is about understanding more about me. My flaws and positive traits, and how to work with my team better.

“The impact? I had been the type to sit back and go with the flow even if it’s not right. Now, I will speak up but in a way that explains my point of view so I can work issues out with others. For example, I had a very challenging time with another employee but we now have a better working relationship based on what Ive learned at EMI.

“I take pride that Roscoe sees that I am an asset and wants to develop my management skills, which is very important for me. I put my heart in my work and want to leave a positive legacy.”

Samantha: Stockroom Team Leader

“Years 1, 2 and 3 set the stage for Year 4 focusing on branding, high-level service practices and real-time issue management. Year 3 opened your mind to who you are and propels you into Year 4, which is even more eye-opening than previous years because you learn again why you love your job. You have grown to respect and trust your industry peers and it opens the floor to relevant conversations: we all have the same type of plant, issues, struggles, and complications. It’s a healthy environment to lay out the real struggles of our daily operations to see if you’re doing the right thing, have the right process and how to remove roadblocks. You get completely reinvigorated about where you stand and what you can bring to your company. We all go through moments where we may not be giving all that we can, but this program helps you discover that there’s so much more.

“I didn’t have management experience before Roscoe and basically learned on the job, which might create a management style that is not necessarily the right management style. As a result, I didn’t necessarily focus on coaching my team members as much as I could. Looking back, I realize that I didn’t take the time to learn what motivates and demotivates them and did not realize that until this program. They teach you why it’s important and give you the tools to improve your leadership and management style.

“I feel that my direct reports are now more comfortable in saying they don’t understand something, asking how to do something and even initiating personal conversations because they realize that I care. Now, I listen. I believe that as a result of this program, we are a better team and have improved our numbers. For example, our completion turnaround rate was at 91-92% and not improving – it’s now 95% and we’ve maintained this level since last year.”

Samantha graduated from EMI this year.

More about EMI

The Executive Management Institute (EMI) is a formal education program designed to deliver one week of management education a year to participants in up to five successive years. Each year of the program includes 30 hours of instruction over a four-day period. Students complete each of the first three years of the program before advancing to the next year. A participant receives themaximum networking benefit by maintaining this sequence, remaining with the same classmates year after year and developing strong bonds with them. The staying power of these professional networks attest to the value of EMI not only for the classroom experience, but the informal exchange of ideas and experiences with counterparts.

EMI teaches progressive employee and customer relations techniques and other emerging practices to textile services management so they can more effectively tackle to-do lists. EMI instructors explain how today’s workplace dynamics and social trends impact everyday business decisions in the textile services industry. Participants discuss their pressing work challenges with instructors and industry colleagues in classes and social events, delivering the “wisdom of the crowd” for immediate applicability to your workplace.

EMI has enhanced the careers of thousands of textile services professionals and earned high praise from participants for nearly 50 years. The program develops the management and leadership skills of participants through team-building, interactive sessions emphasizing information-sharing and problem solving.

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