Making A Difference Around The World with Sergio Pena

Roscoe - Making A Difference Around The World with Sergio Pena

Our team at Roscoe has a huge heart for serving our local community, and we deeply value giving back to those in need. Sergio Pena, a Roscoe team member for over 17 years, has been giving back not just to those in need in our local community, but also to those in need around the world. 

We recently asked Sergio to share more about his volunteer work, why he chooses to volunteer, and how others can get involved. We are proud to share his story and support him in making a difference around the world. 

Helping Those In Need

From volunteering in soup kitchens to donating school supplies to helping with church volunteer projects, Sergio is passionate about giving back to those in need in the local community. 

Not only is Sergio passionate about making a difference in the local community, he also uses his passion for & commitment to being active as a way to raise money to help those in need around the world. He has run marathons & participated in triathlons to support World Vision, which provides clean water to people in remote parts of the world, and Go Endurance, which helps meet the medical needs of families in the Dominican Republic. 

He most recently participated in an Olympic distance triathlon as a part of Go Endurance, in which he completed a 1,500-meter swim (just under a mile), a 27.5-mile bike ride, and a 6.5-mile run. 

He shares that a lot of people donated and cheered him on in his latest effort. His individual goal was to raise $1,500 in sponsorship donations, which he surpassed. His team of 15-20 people now have a goal of raising $20,000 collectively for Go Endurance. These donations will provide medical care to children and families in remote parts of the Dominican Republic who would not otherwise receive it. 

When asked, “why do you volunteer?” Sergio shared, “I run because I’ve been blessed with the ability to do so… and I’ll run and bike and swim as much as I can to help out those in need.” Helping those in need is something he and his family believe in and value. 

Sergio is currently training for an upcoming ½ Iron Man taking place on September 17th, 2023, which he will participate in to support Go Endurance and families in the Dominican Republic.

To sponsor Sergio and support Go Endurance, follow this link. 

Lending Support

Sergio also enjoys getting involved with Roscoe’s volunteer efforts and he shares how the Roscoe team has supported him in his endeavors. 

“Jim [Buik] is by far my biggest supporter on the field and financially, he’s an old athlete himself, I truly genuinely believe he loves what I do and he gives me a lot of support.” Sergio goes on to share, “My last donation request I sent out to our company email, and he [Jim] was the first one to say, ‘Hey, if you haven’t already, please consider donating to Sergio’s cause.’” 

His favorite Roscoe volunteer opportunity was getting to take a large tote filled with calculators to a neighborhood school, and give them to the teachers, staff, & students.  

“It was really nice to do that for the kids that really needed that. Like I said, it’s not about us it’s about those we can help. We do that a lot for the kids on the west side, and it feels good to give them something they can take to school and get them through the day.”

When it comes to encouraging others to volunteer he shares, “I always feel nervous when I ask for donations, because it’s taking a leap of faith…” However, he goes on to say, “If I can help one person out to at least donate and or get out there to be active, I think I’ve done my job.” He also shares that it feels good when others are able to give, no matter the amount. 

Throughout the year, Roscoe’s team members support and participate in many volunteer opportunities to give back to families in our local, Chicago communities. Roscoe is proud of Sergio, and all of our team members, as we actively give back to help those in need. Get to know Roscoe better, and learn more about our team and our values as a local, family-owned uniform provider.

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