How Roscoe Solves the Top Five Employee Uniform Service Pain Points for Customers

How Roscoe Solves the Top Five Employee Uniform Service Pain Points for Customers

Roscoe Answers the Top Five Questions We Get from New Customers

Roscoe provides high-quality employee uniforms and workwear, floor coverings, and janitorial supplies for a wide range of industries, including industrial, healthcare, food manufacturing, and more. The funny thing is, no matter what industry a new customer comes from, they always have the same initial questions. So, it got us thinking that if we hear the same questions time and again, many businesses out there are experiencing the same issues with their employee uniform and facility service providers… poor customer service, invoicing issues, lost garments, and more.

Roscoe takes the hassle out of buying and maintaining uniforms and floor mats by providing rental services that include cleaning, repairing, and replacing items as needed. And to prove it, we wanted to give you straight answers to the top frequently asked questions about our company and services to help you make an informed decision about working with Roscoe.

We have had very poor communication with our supplier. How are you different?

Communication is a key element that separates Roscoe from the rest. We make it easy for your wearers to communicate directly with Roscoe through Repair Cards and “Hey, Jim Buik” cards. Our yellow bag repair station gives your wearers key contact information and eases the repair process. In addition, we have designed our service team with communication top of mind.

A dedicated Route Service Representative will make your weekly deliveries. As a part of the delivery process, they will check in to see if any concerns need to be addressed or if there is anything else they can do to assist. Once the clean uniform delivery and soiled garment pick-up are made, you will receive a notification that your service visit is complete.

Instead of calling a generic 1-800 number, you are also assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative to contact directly. Lastly, your account will be managed by a District Service Manager. Your DSM is responsible for regular outreach, addressing potential concerns, and ensuring complete satisfaction. With our aggressive 1-hour response policy, your needs will be met. Should you need assistance after hours, you can access much of your account information through our easy-to-use online customer portal.

How long is our pricing valid?

We can hold your rental prices for the duration of your rental agreement. This is unique within our industry; many companies have yearly price increases built into their service agreements. Given the current economic climate, the fixed pricing is contingent upon a PPI below 5%.

What happens if I damage a shirt?

Over time garments will be damaged – it’s unavoidable. What is avoidable are the extra charges associated with damaged garments. Roscoe offers a Garment Maintenance Program to ease the cost of replacing damaged garments and prevent unexpected spikes in your weekly invoice. While many employee uniform providers charge the full price for replacement garments, Roscoe depreciates the cost of the garment over a 48-month period, reducing the garment replacement cost. Roscoe is the only provider in the industry that offers these cost savings for replacing damaged uniforms.

Where is Roscoe located? Do you service outside of this area?

Roscoe is located at 3535 West Harrison Ave in Chicago, right off the Eisenhower Expressway. We have serviced the Chicago Metro area, including the suburbs, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin, for over 100 years. We currently do not service outside of this area but work with a network of family-owned industrial laundries throughout the United States and Canada.

How do you make sure I get back the employee uniforms I turn in for cleaning?

Not getting back what you turn in, commonly known as shortages in our industry, can be a problem with most laundries. Roscoe has solved this problem using a state-of-the-art sorting and finishing system and ultra-high frequency tracking chips for our uniforms and mats. This technology, along with our dedicated team members driving it, ensures that for every garment you turn in, you get back the following week clean and ready for use. If you want to see the technology in action, we invite you to tour our facility and meet the team members who ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Roscoe understands the importance of employee uniforms and facility service supplies in your day-to-day operations. We take pride in our partnership with customers to ensure they have the tools they need to be productive. You can count on Roscoe’s family-owned business values, personalized customer service, and state-of-the-art technology to provide clean and ready uniforms, proper floor coverings, and janitorial supplies.

Get in touch today to tour our facility or learn more about our employee uniform and facility services rental programs.

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