A Tradition of Giving Back to the Chicago Community

Chicago Community Support with Roscoe fundraising for the Rush Cancer Center

At Roscoe, our connection to the Chicago community goes far beyond the supply of uniforms and facility services. We are a company anchored in responsibility and compassion, consistently seeking out and supporting causes that have a profound impact on the lives of those around us. This October, our team united in the fight against a common and relentless enemy – cancer. By focusing our resources, energy, and compassion on the fight against cancer, we aimed to not only contribute financially but to stand in solidarity with every individual and family affected by this disease.

Focused Fundraising for Cancer Research

In our recent initiative, we aimed to raise $2,500 for the Rush Cancer Center, an institution that stands at the confluence of clinical excellence, research, and education in cancer care. Thanks to the overwhelming support from Roscoe team members, their families, and our customers through sales, raffles, and donations, we collected $2,570, which Roscoe matched to contribute a total of $5,140. This donation supports Rush’s swift and specialized response to cancer diagnoses, their cutting-edge treatments, and the compassionate care they provide across the Chicago area, directly benefiting patients and advancing the pursuit of breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Educating and Engaging Our Team

In our eyes, awareness is just as crucial as fundraising. To ensure our team was informed and involved, we set up a dedicated cancer awareness bulletin board, providing valuable information on prevention, early detection, and resources for support. Pink Fridays became a weekly fixture, not just to highlight breast cancer awareness, but to foster a workplace united in the cause. These efforts served to deepen our team’s understanding and solidarity, creating an environment where the importance of each individual’s health and well-being is recognized and actively supported. By empowering our employees with knowledge, we’ve turned awareness into action, encouraging participation in community events and facilitating meaningful conversations around health within our Roscoe family.

Roscoe’s Year-Round Community Involvement

Our engagement with the Chicago community is a year-long commitment that goes beyond occasional support; it’s woven into our company’s fabric through various local initiatives and events. We selected the Rush Cancer Center for this fundraiser for their comprehensive approach to fighting all cancer types and their physical closeness to our operations, which enables us to see the direct impact of our contributions. Our partnership with them is just one of many ways we invest in local well-being, embodying our belief that a strong community connection leads to mutual growth and support.

A Thank You to Our Supporters

To all who have stood with us in our campaign, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Your contributions have not just funded research – they have provided a beacon of hope and support to individuals and families navigating the challenges of cancer within our community. This collective effort highlights the strength we possess when we come together for a common purpose, underlining our philosophy at Roscoe that every act of generosity leads to meaningful change.

The Next Steps

Roscoe’s story is one of unity and continuous community support. We invite local businesses and community members to partner with us in this ongoing effort. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our community programs and how you can get involved.

Together, we do more than just business in Chicago; we build a community of care.

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