A Tradition of Giving Back to the Chicago Community

Roscoe's Tradition of Giving Back to the Chicago Community

In 2023, Roscoe’s commitment to the Chicago community continued to extend far beyond our uniform rental services. We pride ourselves on a tradition of giving back and have engaged in various initiatives throughout the year that touch the Chicago community. Our wide range of efforts, from promoting health and wellness to aiding the most vulnerable citizens, demonstrate our unwavering dedication to Chicago.

United in Wellness and Support: Roscoe’s Cancer Research and Employee Engagement Initiatives

Recently, we rallied together to support the Rush Cancer Center, aiming to raise $2,500 for cancer research. Through the collective efforts of our team members, families, and customers, we surpassed our goal, ultimately contributing over $5,000.

Beyond fundraising, we fostered a culture of awareness and unity within our workplace. Through initiatives such as Pink Fridays, we raised awareness about breast cancer. This also reinforced the bonds within our team, emphasizing the value of health and shared support.

Stepping Towards Community Wellness: Roscoe Step Challenge and Sarah’s Circle Winter Walk

Our annual ‘Step Challenge’ is another initiative close to our hearts. In an effort to promote physical activity and personal wellness, we encourage our team members to stay active and support them in tracking their steps. 

At the same time as this challenge, we participated in the Sarah’s Circle Winter Walk. This fundraiser actively supports women in Chicago who are overcoming homelessness. Our involvement in these initiatives reflects our commitment to physical health and social responsibility.

Vital Community Support: Roscoe’s Mobile Blood Drive

In a significant health initiative, Roscoe collaborated with Vitalant to organize a mobile blood drive. Understanding the ongoing need for blood donations, we hosted Vitalant’s blood collection truck at our facility on September 5, 2023. This event was not just for our team members; it was also extended to their families.

We hosted this blood drive to highlight the importance of community health and the impact of working together. This effort showcased our dedication to serving the community and actively addressing essential healthcare needs.

Giving Back with Gratitude: Thanksgiving and Angel Tree Christmas Initiatives

At Roscoe, the holiday season is a time of heartfelt giving and community connection. Every Thanksgiving, we partner with the Celestial Masons to give turkeys to North Lawndale residents in an effort to bring warmth and joy to the community.

Through our Angel Tree Christmas initiative, Roscoe delivers holiday joy by providing gifts to 35 children in need within the Lawndale community, particularly kids without parents. The number of children we support varies from year to year, reflecting our adaptive and responsive approach to community needs. These compassion-driven efforts embody our firm commitment to spreading inclusive seasonal cheer. By ensuring those most vulnerable in our community feel seen and valued this time of year, our Angel Tree outreach lives up to Roscoe’s people-first values. Initiatives like this demonstrate our dedication to making the spirit of the holidays accessible to all across Chicagoland.

Partnering with Protectors: Supporting CPD 11th District’s Community Events

Our engagement with the Chicago Police Department’s 11th District reflects our deep commitment to community safety and unity. This year, we contributed $1,000 to their annual Christmas party, a cornerstone event for the Garfield Park community.

This contribution is part of our wider effort to help the CPD make our community safer and more connected. By joining and supporting these events, Roscoe shows its dedication to the safety of our neighborhoods to help strengthen the connection between businesses, law enforcement, and Chicago’s residents.

Commitment to Conservation and Community: Lincoln Park Zoo Partnership

Roscoe’s partnership with Lincoln Park Zoo exemplifies our commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. Our efforts were focused on the renovation of the Koval Lion House at the Peper Family Wildlife Center, which has significantly improved visitor experiences and educational opportunities. We are proud to have contributed to making this iconic exhibit accessible and aligned with our goals of wildlife protection and connecting people with nature.

A Legacy of Giving: Roscoe’s United Way Campaign

For more than fifty years, Roscoe has been a proud partner of the United Way, maintaining a strong tradition of community support and giving. Our employee campaigns have consistently achieved near-total participation, with the company matching each donation.

Our lasting partnership with the United Way of Metro Chicago shows our dedication to meeting various community needs. We support key areas such as education, health, and financial stability, strengthening our community and leading to lasting positive effects.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Roscoe’s Electronics Recycling Initiative

Roscoe partners with PCs for People, LBRA, and BEA in an Electronics Recycling Drive. This initiative focuses on collecting used electronics, aiming to refurbish and distribute them to Chicago families and individuals at little to no cost. This partnership not only supports digital inclusion but also aligns with our environmental sustainability goals. 

PCs for People responsibly dispose of any electronics that cannot be refurbished, ensuring eco-friendly practices. Through this drive, we are taking concrete steps towards bridging the digital divide in our community while emphasizing responsible recycling and reuse of technology.

Building a Stronger Community Together

At Roscoe, we believe in doing more than just business in Chicago; we strive to build and nurture a community of care. Our commitment to meaningful initiatives is ongoing, and we eagerly seek to expand our horizons in community involvement.

We invite local businesses, community members, and organizations to collaborate with us, embracing new opportunities to maximize impact. Together, we aim to weave a tapestry of support and resilience, making a lasting difference in our beloved city. This journey is not just ours—it’s a shared vision for a thriving, united Chicago.

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